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Who Is IK Ogbonna?

IK Ogbonna whose full name is Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna (born 11th January 1984) is a tall & handsome Nigerian Nollywood Actor, filmmaker, Model and brand influencer. His net worth is about $500,000 US Dollars which is estimated at about ₦‎350,000,000 in Naira in 2022.

IK Ogbonna hails from Abia State. He is Igbo by tribe. He was born into a family of 6 - comprising his parents, Mr and Mrs Ogbonna, his elder brother, himself and his two younger sisters.

IK Ogbonna was married to Sonia Morales with a child, a son called called Ace Ogbonna. He also has a baby mama called Sonia Columbus who had a daughter for him called Makayla Ogbonna.
IK Ogbonna and Wife

IK Ogbonna Son

IK Ogbonna Profile Wiki Bio Data

Stage Name: IK Ogbonna
Real Name: Ikechukwu Ogbonna
Full Name: Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna
Nationality: Nigerian
Stage of Origin: Abia State
Tribe: Igbo
Ethnicity: Black, African
Date of Birth: 11th January 1984
Birthday: 11th January
Age: 38 years old (as at 2022)
Height: 6"2 feet tall
Religion: Christian
Occupation, Profession: Actor, Model, Director
Net Worth: $500,000 USD Dollars
Girlfriend: Nengi
Boyfriend: Alexx Ekubo
Spouse, Wife: Sonia Morales (Ex Wife)
Divorced: Yes
Baby mama: Sonia Columbus
Number Of Children: 2
Son: Ace Ogbonna
Daughter: Makayla Ogbonna
Parents: Mr and Mrs Ogbonna
Siblings: 3 siblings
Tattooed: Yes
Complexion: Lightskinned
Bleached: No
Hairstyles: Bald
Instagram: ikogbonna
Twitter: Ik.M.OGBONNA @ Real_ikOgbonna
Education: University of Jos (Sociology)
Phone Number: +234 8133419426 (Business ONLY)

Everything You Should Know About IK Ogbonna (Nollywood Actor) Biography and Career

Pictures of IK Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna Career: IK Ogbonna was a nightclub host until he met Rukky Sanda who offered him a lead role in a movie that had Van Vicker and Kate Henshaw as cast. But he developed a cold feet and declined a chance to star in that movie.

He later accepted another acting role from Rukky Sanda in 2013 and officially made his big Nollywood debut in the movie "Lovelorn".

IK Ogbonna Movies: List of IK Ogbonna movies include, 

Ghana must go (2016)
Hire a man (2017)
Pebbles of Love (2017)
Excess luggage (2017)
Disguise (2018)
The Washerman (2018)
SHOWBIZ (2019)
Unroyal (2020)
Soft Work (2020)
True to Love
A Week To My Wedding
All For The Money
For The Wrong Reasons
In The Name Of Trust
Darima’s Dilemma 
The Chase 
Ghana Must Go as Kwabena Bubemi
The Warri Girl 
A Week To My Wedding 
All For The Money 
For The Wrong Reasons 
The Inn Hit 
The Street Love is a Prank 
Karma is Bae 
5 Wives 
Knock Knock 
Hire A Man, among others.
IK Ogbonna and Chinonso Arubayi

IK Ogbonna and Regina Askia

IK Ogbonna and Regina Askia Daughter

IK Ogbonna and Nancy Isime

IK Ogbonna Educational Background
IK Ogbonna studied the course, Sociology, at the University of Jos. 

IK Ogbonna The Producer, Model, Endorsement Deals, Fashions, Style

IK Ogbonna is a Nollywood movie producer. He is the CEO of a production company known as IK Ogbonna Production. IK is also referred to as the prince of fashion, as seen from his unique appearances on red carpet events. He has taken modelling projects and advertisement campaigns.

IK Ogbonna is the brand ambassador of Dorco Shaving Stick. 

IK Ogbonna Real Name: IK Ogbonna real name is Ikechukwu Ogbonna. His full name is Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna.

Where Is IK Ogbonna From?

State of Origin: IK Ogbonna is from Abia State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: IK Ogbonna was born on 11th of January 1984. He celebrates his birthday on every 11th of January every year.

IK Ogbonna Age: How old is IK Ogbonna Now? IK Ogbonna is 38 years old now as at 2022. He turns 39 years in January 2023.

IK Ogbonna Married, Marriage: Is IK Ogbonna Married? Yes, IK Ogbonna was married to Sonia Morales. IK Ogbonna and his ex wife, Sonia Morales got married in the year 2015 and divorced in 2019. IK Ogbonna is no longer married as at 2022. He is single.
Picture of IK Ogbonna and His Wife, Sonia Morales

IK Ogbonna Divorced: Is IK Ogbonna divorced? Or is IK Ogbonna still married? Yes, IK Ogbonna is divorced. He divorced his wife, Sonia Morales in 2019. The marriage produced his son called Ace Ogbonna. She returned to her country, Columbia after the crash of their marriage.

IK Ogbonna Wife: Who is Ik Ogbonna wife, Name, Pictures? IK Ogbonna's wife's name is Sonia Morales. She is a very beautiful Colombian woman and the mother of his son, Ace Ogbonna.
Throwback photo of IK Ogbonna and His Wife, Sonia Morales

Video of IK Ogbonna and his wife, Sonia Morales

IK Ogbonna Children: Does IK Ogbonna have a child? Yes, IK Ogbonna has two (2) children - a daughter and a son. The names of his children are Makayla Ogbonna and Ace Ogbonna.

IK Ogbonna had his daughter, Makayla Ogbonna, before his marriage to Sonia.

IK Ogbonna Son Name & Age, Pictures: How old is IK Ogbonna son & what is his name? IK Ogbonna son name is Ace Ogbonna. He was born in the year 2015. IK Ogbonna son, Ace Ogbonna is 7 years old in 2022.
Picture of IK Ogbonna son, Ace Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna Daughter, Name, Age: How old is IK Ogbonna Daughter? IK Ogbonna daughter name is Makayla Ogbonna. She was born in the year 2012. IK Ogbonna daughter, Makayla Ogbonna is 11 years old as at 2022.
Photo of IK Ogbonna Daughter, Makayla Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna First Wife, Partner, Baby Mama: Sonia Columbus is the name of IK Ogbonna's first partner and baby who had a daughter for him. IK Ogbonna did not marry his first baby mama, Sonia Columbus who has since married another man with 2 more children.

IK Ogbonna Family, Parents, Sisters, Brother

Ik Ogbonna comes from a Christian Igbo tribe family of 6 including his father, Mother and 3 other siblings which includes 2 sisters and one brother. IK Ogbonna is the second child of his parents.

The names of IK Ogbonna siblings brother and sister are Teddy Ogbonna and Uchenna Mofunanya, respectively.
IK Ogbonna Sister

IK Ogbonna Brother, Teddy Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna And his Siblings - Throwback Photo

IK Ogbonna Height & Weight: How tall is IK Ogbonna? IK Ogbonna is about 6"2 feet tall in height.

IK Ogbonna Tattoos: IK Ogbonna has tattoos on his body, arm and chest. The tattoos on IK Ogbonna body has different mean­ings. There is one which means a ‘star was born.’ An­other of IK Ogbonna Tattoo is the face of Jesus, who means everything to him.

IK Ogbonna Sexuality, Gay, Homosexual, Bisexual or Straight?: Is IK Ogbonna Gay, Homosexual, Bisexual or Straight? IK Ogbonna is said to be gay with Alexx Ekubo as his Gay Partner and Gay Boyfriend. But IK Ogbonna is straight.

IK Ogbonna Net Worth: IK Ogbonna Net Worth is about $500,000 US Dollars as at 2022.

IK Ogbonna House and Cars
IK Ogbonna House: IK Ogbonna lives in Lagos house.

IK Ogbonna Cars: IK Ogbonna drives nice cars such as Chevrolet Camaro, and others.

Is IK Ogbonna Alive or Dead? IK Ogbonna is still alive as at 2022. He is not dead or sick. Nothing is wrong with IK Ogbonna.

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