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What Happened to Neo Kirchbaby Legs?

How Did Neo Kirchbaby Lose Her 2 Legs?

Who Is Neo KirchBaby?

Bio Wiki: Neo Keitumetse popularly known as Neo Kirchbaby (born 14 of June 1989) is a Botswana YouTuber, Content Creator, Amputee Wife and mother of four (4) kids, including twin sons named Caleb and Joshua.

Neo Kirchbaby is originally from Botswana, Southern Africa. She has no legs. The cause of her amputation was as a result of being born with a congenital defect in her legs which meant she had to get them amputated when she was just five years of age. Congenital limb defect happens when a baby’s arm or leg doesn’t form normally as he or she grows.

Neo Kirchbaby net worth is estimated at about $200,000 US Dollars in 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby got married to her boyfriend turned husband, Garrett Kirchway, an American man whom she met for the first time when she visited her online friend in the United States of America in 2016.

Neo Kirchbaby Profile Bio Wiki Data

Name: Neo Kirchbaby

Full Name: Neo Keitumetse

Husband's Name: Garrett Kirchway

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Botswana

Home Town: Molepolole

Religion: Christian

Height: 4ft (1.21m) 

Date Of Birth: 14th June 1989

Birthday: 14 June

Age: 33 years old (in 2022)

Profession: YouTuber, Vlogger, Influencer

Net Worth: $200,000 US Dollars

Number Of Siblings: 1

Sibling's Name: Moses

Married: Yes

Spouse, Partner: Garrett Kirchway

Children: 4

Twin Sons: Caleb Kirchway and Joshua Kirchway

Education: Carleton University, Canada

Instagram: neokirchbaby

YouTube: Neo KirchBaby

Neo Kirchbaby Educational Background

Neo Kirchbaby graduate from Carleton University, Canada. She studied on scholarship.

Neo Kirchbaby Legs Amputation Story

On how Neo Kirchbaby lost her legs at the age of five. Neo Kirchbaby was born with a congenital defect in her legs. This got her 2 legs amputated by doctors at the young age of 5. She has been without her legs for 28 years now.

Neo Kirchbaby revealed how she lost her legs in an interview with Barcroft TV:

"For me it was a birth defect my legs, you know how the legs should be straight but the other leg was facing down.

My mom took the advice of the doctors, they told her that there is nothing to do so they decided to amputate both of them in 1994 and I was five years old."

Neo Kirchbaby Date Of Birth, Birthday: Neo Kirchbaby was born on 14th June 1989 in her village, Molepolole, Botswana.

Age: How old is Neo Kirchbaby? Neo Kirchbaby is 33 years old in 2022.

Neo Kirchbaby Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Neo Kirchbaby grew up with her single mother and older brother. Her father was never in the picture while she was growing up. Life was not easy for them.

Neo Kirchbaby Siblings, Brother: Neo Kirchbaby brother is Moshe. He graduated from the University of Botswana. He is a successful accountant/auditor in Gaborone, Botswana.

Photo of Neo Kirchbaby and Her Brother, Moses

Photo of Neo Kirchbaby Children and Their Grandfather (Paternal)

Neo Kirchbaby Wedding Pictures, Video
: Neo Kirchbaby is married to Garrett Kirchway with 4 children. They did their wedding in a church on 29th October 2016.

Neo Kirchbaby and Garrett Kirchway Wedding Pictures and Video
Neo Kirchbaby Wedding Video

Neo Kirchbaby Husband, Name, Age, Pictures: Neo Kirchbaby husband is Garrett Kirchway, an American Entrepreneur.

Garrett Kirchway, Neo Kirchbaby husband is 55 years old as at 2022. He is older than her with 22 years.

Neo Kirchbaby & Husband Garrett Kirchway Kissing Picture: Sharing a photo of her kissing her husband, Neo Kirchbaby wrote;

Neo Kirchbaby and Her Husband Kissing

"I love this picture of my husband and I. I am that person that does not kiss in public lol I don't know why, but for some reason I get shy. I remember on our wedding day when the pastor said "you may kiss the bride 😂" (which was my first real kiss by the way)! My heart was beating so fast and I already warned my husband to not kiss me in a confusing manner😅 Just a small baby kiss would do. Well, I decided this week to share this kind of picture because I often times read comments on my youtube channel saying I don't show affection on my videos. Honestly, it is not in me to do that, and my husband always respect me when I get shy to be too affectionate in public. Am I the only one? Should I let the village Neo go and get the city Neo? City ones don't care 🙈"

"My husband and I. I love this man and i am thankful for him everyday. I am looking at him sleeping now and i can't express enough how thankful i am for his love. This man loves me and he shows it. Lord Jesus, thank you so much for my husband Garrett."

Neo Kirchbaby & Garrett Kirchway Wedding Anniversary: Neo Kirchbaby and her husband are celebrating their 6th marriage anniversary in October 2022. She wrote:

"It’s our marriage anniversary in less than a week. What a blessing to have a husband like my husband. It’s amazing seeing us grow together, not only physically but also spiritually, financially and more. We’ve grown together and have overcome a lot. Here is to more🥂"

Neo Kirchbaby Children: Neo Kirchbaby has four children and their names are, Caleb, Joshua, Michael and the fourth child who is her newest baby.

Pictures of Neo Kirchbaby Children

Neo Kirchbaby Twins: The names of Neo Kirchbaby twins are Caleb and Joshua. They were born on 24th of June 2017. They are celebrating their 6th birthday on 24th June 2023.

Neo Kirchbaby Twin Sons Recent Pictures

Neo Kirchbaby Net Worth: Neo Kirchbaby has an estimated Net Worth of about $200,000 US Dollars (2022).

Neo Kirchbaby Instagram: Neo Kirchbaby Instagram page Account Profile Handle is 


Neo Kirchbaby Website: is

Neo Kirchbaby YouTube: Neo Kirchbaby YouTube Channel is Neo KirchBaby.

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