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Who Is Ashleigh Plumptre?
Ashleigh Plumptre (born 8 May 1998) is English - Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Leicester City in the FA Women's Super League and Nigeria's Super Falcons defender.

Ashleigh Plumptre Profile Wiki Bio Data Facts

Name: Ashleigh Plumptre
Full, Real Name: Ashleigh Megan Plumptre
Nationality: English, Nigerian
Hometown: Melton Mowbray
State Of Origin: Lagos State
Tribe: Yoruba (English)
Heritage, Race: Mixed-Race (Biracial)
Ethnicity: Anglo-Nigerian
Place Of Birth: England
Date Of Birth: 8 May 1998
Birthday: 8 May
Age: 24 Years Old In 2022
Height: 5"11 Feet Tall (1.80 m)
Career, Occupation: Athlete, Footballer
Net Worth: $1.8 Million US Dollars
Parents: Mr and Mrs Tim Plumptre
Father: Tim Plumptre
Mother: Mrs Plumptre
Siblings: Bayleigh Plumptre
Instagram: ashleighhplumptre
Education: University of Southern California
Religion: Christianity

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Bio Wiki: Ashleigh Plumptre whose full name is Ashleigh Megan Plumptre is a professional footballer who plays for Leicester City in the FA Women's Super League who made her senior Nigeria women's national team, Super Falcons debut in February 2022.

Ashleigh Plumptre was born in England to British parents while her paternal grandfather is Yoruba tribe from Nigeria.

Ashleigh Plumptre Childhood, Club, Youth Career

Ashleigh Plumptre was born on 8th May 1998 in Leicester, England, where she also grew up and attended primary school in Melton Mowbray.

Ashleigh Plumptre started playing football at age 4 when she joined Asfordby Amateurs. At age 8 Ashleigh Plumptre joined the Leicester City Centre of Excellence, spending seven years with the club playing from under-10 to under-15 level. She left Leicester to join Birmingham City's under-17 team in 2013 where she also had the opportunity to train with the senior WSL 1 team.

She briefly joined third-tier FA Women's Premier League side Derby County's Centre of Excellence in 2014.

Ashleigh Plumptre moved to the United States to play college soccer at the University of Southern California in 2016.

Ashleigh Plumptre Leicester City Career

In December Ashleigh Plumptre returned to England, rejoining hometown club Leicester City in the FA Women's Championship.

Ashleigh Plumptre made her senior Leicester City debut on 19 January 2020, registering an assist on an Ella Rutherford goal in a 3–1 win over Crystal Palace. Plumptre's debut season with Leicester was limited to three league appearances as the season was curtailed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Leicester were awarded sixth-place on a points-per-game basis.

Ashleigh Plumptre On Signing For Leicester City

"From birth to now, I’ve loved this club. 
Such a surreal feeling being league winners and gaining promotion to the WSL, representing a badge that I’ve grown up wearing on my chest as a fan, but now, lucky enough to wear as a player. 
Grateful 🦊💙" - Ashleigh Plumptre

Ashleigh Plumptre Nigeria
Ashleigh Plumptre had expressed an interest in representing Nigeria at senior level (Super Falcons) in June 2021. She received her first call-up for an 8-day training camp held in Austria in July 2021.

Ashleigh Plumptre qualifies to play for Nigeria through her paternal grandfather who was a Yoruba man from Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Ashleigh Plumptre made an unofficial debut on 23 July 2021, starting in a 1–0 friendly win over Slovenian 1. SŽNL club Olimpija Ljubljana.

In November 2021, Ashleigh Plumptre attended a training camp in Nigeria. In late December 2021, she was officially cleared by FIFA to represent Nigeria. Ashleigh Plumptre made her official debut on 18 February 2022, starting in a 2–0 win over Ivory Coast during 2022 Africa Women Cup of Nations qualification.

Ashleigh Plumptre writes on meeting Nigerian Team In Austria In July 2021,

"So grateful to have spent the past week in Austria with the Nigeria Women’s National Team (learning all things football, culture and how not to dance 🙃) 

More than a sport. 

Ashleigh Plumptre Visits Nigeria For The First Time

In an Instagram post on 30 November 2021, Ashleigh Plumptre shared pictures of her first time visit to Nigeria and wrote:

'Learning. Absorbing. Growing.
This is more than just a sport.
Grateful for the experience of visiting Nigeria for the first time and spending it with some great people! 🇳🇬🦅'

Ashleigh Plumptre HAPPY To Play For Nigeria

An international debut but more importantly, an opportunity to be amongst a group of people, players and fans who bring culture, expression and togetherness to life. 
A chance to learn from people I never would’ve met if it wasn’t for football. 
A chance to see the happiness it can bring to people by being a part of something bigger than just myself.
A chance to shine light on my purpose in this sport.

I don’t just play because I enjoy the sport. I have to play for more. I may have good games, I may have poor games. We celebrate successes but don’t celebrate the intent we have in pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Whatever the outcome, rewards are reaped in going beyond what we thought we were capable of. 

Thank you for the warm welcome. I’m proud to have competed and fought alongside my teammates to qualify for the #TotalEnergiesWAFCON. I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity but more so to have done it with the support of my family, my team, the fans and my biggest supporters in @bayleighbisi, @holly.morgan10, @the_sharing_experience and @richard_whitehead_mbe.

Be true to yourself and the journey will always be one you walk in confidence knowing that you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to do 💫"

Why I Play - Ashleigh Plumptre

“Why do I play?”
It’s obviously easier to be more reflective during a time when there’s not much else to do but delve into our own thoughts. Today, I went to the park to kick a ball against a wall. Just me, a ball and a wall. When life becomes overwhelming, we forget about the simplicities that have brought about the most joy to our lives. Attached to an occupation is more than just what it appears to be. What football is to me was simplified when I had the ball at my feet in front of this brick wall. It took me back to kicking a ball around in an oversized Leicester shirt at 8 years old. I’m grateful for this pause in time I have right now and I’m grateful knowing that almost 14 years on I can still wear an oversized Leicester shirt. This is why I play". Ashleigh Plumptre wrote on her Instagram page.

Ashleigh Plumptre Is Menphys Ambassador: Ashleigh Plumptre is Menphys UK ambassador. Menphys is a Charity Organization.

Ashleigh Plumptre Education
Ashleigh Plumptre attended primary school in Melton Mowbray. She later proceeded to high school and graduated.
Ashleigh Plumptre graduated from University of Southern California, Department of Biological Sciences, class of 2020.

Ashleigh Plumptre Citizenship: Ashleigh Plumptre is English citizen and Nigerian Citizen.
Ashleigh Plumptre has dual citizenship.

Ashleigh Plumptre Nationality, Country Of Origin: What is Ashleigh Plumptre nationality? Which country is Ashleigh Plumptre from?
Ashleigh Plumptre is originally from England and also from Nigeria through her paternal grandfather.
Ashleigh Plumptre identifies as English and a Nigerian.
Ashleigh Plumptre parents are from England but her paternal grandfather is a Nigerian from Yoruba tribe.

Ashleigh Plumptre Nigerian: Is Ashleigh Plumptre a Nigerian? Ashleigh Plumptre is one-quarter Nigerian through her paternal grandmother.

How is Ashleigh Plumptre Nigerian? Ashleigh Plumptre though born in England to British parents but she is a Nigerian through her paternal grandfather who is a Yoruba man from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ashleigh Plumptre is qualified to play for the Super Falcons through her paternal grandfather, who was a Nigerian.

Ashleigh Plumptre Half Caste: Is Ashleigh Plumptre a half cast? Yes, Ashleigh Plumptre is a half caste, of mixed heritage, biracial.

Ashleigh Plumptre State Of Origin & Tribe In Nigeria: Where is Ashleigh Plumptre from? Ashleigh Plumptre hails from Lagos State in Nigeria through her paternal grandfather who was from Lagos State and a Yoruba by tribe.
Ashleigh Plumptre is Yoruba by tribe in Nigeria through her grandfather.

Ashleigh Plumptre Home Town: Ashleigh Plumptre hometown is Melton Mowbray - a town in Leicestershire, England, 19 miles north-east of Leicester, and 20 miles south-east of Nottingham.

Ashleigh Plumptre Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ashleigh Plumptre was born on 8 May 1998.

Ashleigh Plumptre Age: How old is Ashleigh Plumptre? Ashleigh Plumptre is 23 years old. Ashleigh Plumptre will celebrate her 24th birthday on 8th May 2022.

Ashleigh Plumptre Height: How Tall is Ashleigh Plumptre? Ashleigh Plumptre is 5"11 Feet Tall (1.80 m).

Ashleigh Plumptre Family Tree, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Ashleigh Plumptre is the first child in a family of 4, including her British parents and 1 sister.
Ashleigh Plumptre was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Plumptre in England.
Family Photo of Ashleigh Plumptre

Ashleigh Plumptre Grandfather: Ashleigh Plumptre's paternal grandfather is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ashleigh Plumptre Parents: Who are Ashleigh Plumptre parents, names, pictures, nationality? Ashleigh Plumptre was born to British parents, Mr and Mrs Plumptre. Her dad and mum are both British.
Pictures of Ashleigh Plumptre and her parents

Ashleigh Plumptre Parents Nationality: Where are the parents of Ashleigh Plumptre from, which country? Ashleigh Plumptre parents are from England. They are British citizens.

Ashleigh Plumptre Father: Who is Ashleigh Plumptre Father, Name, Age, Nationality, Pictures? Ashleigh Plumptre father's name is Tim Plumptre. He is an FA Registered Intermediary from England.
Ashleigh Plumptre's father, Tim Plumptre is 52 years old as at 2022.
Picture of Ashleigh Plumptre and her Father, Tim Plumptre

Ashleigh Plumptre Father, Tim Plumptre Nationality: Where is Ashleigh Plumptre father from? Ashleigh Plumptre father, Tim Plumptre, is from England. He is British. Tim Plumptre father hails from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Who Is Tim Plumptre?
Tim Plumptre (born 10 June 1970) is English born proud father of Ashleigh Plumptre and Bayleigh Plumptre. He is an FA Registered Intermediary.
Tim Plumptre wife is beautiful British born Mrs Plumptre.
Tim Plumptre has two children - 2 daughters named, Ashleigh Plumptre and Bayleigh Plumptre.

Ashleigh Plumptre Celebrates Her Father, Tim Plumptre Birthday

Ashleigh Plumptre shared pictures of Tim Plumptre, her father on her Instagram and Twitter pages to celebrate her dad's 50th birthday on 10 June 2020 and wrote:

"Happy 50th Birthday Dad!
The only time we’ll let this day be all about you! We love you ❤️"

Ashleigh Plumptre Mother: Who is Ashleigh Plumptre Mother, name, pictures, Nationality? Ashleigh Plumptre mother is Mrs Plumptre. She is a British citizen who was born on 21 March 1970s.
Photos of Ashleigh Plumptre and her mother

Ashleigh Plumptre shared photos of her mother and grandmother on Twitter, wrote:

"To the 2 women who give the tightest squeezes+the best car singalongs.I ❤️ you+happy mums day mum and grum(g-ma)🤗💃🏽🍬 "

Ashleigh Plumptre Siblings, Sister: Ashleigh Plumptre has one younger sister named Bayleigh Plumptre, who is a professional drummer.
Ashleigh Plumptre sister, Bayleigh Plumptre was born on 26 May 2010. She is 12 years old in 2022.
Photo of Ashleigh Plumptre Younger Sister, Bayleigh Plumptre
Photo of Ashleigh Plumptre with her father and Kid sister

Ashleigh Plumptre Married, Marriage: Is Ashleigh Plumptre Married? Ashleigh Plumptre is not yet married to any husband. She is still single.

Ashleigh Plumptre Husband: Ashleigh Plumptre has no Husband yet as she is still not married.

Ashleigh Plumptre Boyfriend: Who Is Ashleigh Plumptre boyfriend, name, pictures? Ashleigh Plumptre has a boyfriend, her lover but she keeps her boyfriend's identity away from social media.

Ashleigh Plumptre House and Cars, Mansion
Ashleigh Plumptre family house in the United Kingdom. She drives her own cars.

Ashleigh Plumptre Salary: How much is Ashleigh Plumptre Salary? Ashleigh Plumptre Salary is unavailable.

Ashleigh Plumptre Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Ashleigh Plumptre can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile and Twitter account.

Ashleigh Plumptre Instagram: Ashleigh Plumptre Instagram page Account Profile Handle is ashleighhplumptre.

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