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Yousef BBN Biography

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Yusuf Garba Adamu popularly known as Yousef of BBNaija (born 14 April 1992) is a Nigerian Arabian Model, Teacher, Show Host, Personal Fitness Trainer who is Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 6 Shine Ya Eye housemate and contestant.

YOUSEF BBNaija Wiki Profile Bio Data (Yusuf Garba)

Nickname: Yousef (BBNaija)

Yousef Real Name: Yusuf Garba

Full Name: Yusuf Garba Adamu

Yousef Nationality: Nigerian - Arabian

Country Of Origin: Nigeria, Arab

State Of Origin: Plateau State

Hometown: Jos North

Ethnicity, Tribe: Arabian, Jos-Nigerian

Place Of Birth: Jos, Nigeria

Religion: Muslim

Date Of Birth: 14 April 1992

Birthday: 14 April

Age: 29 years old (in 2021)

Height: 6'0 feet tall

Net Worth: $75,000 US Dollars

Occupation: Model, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Parents: Mr and Mrs Garba

Family: Dad, Mum & 5 Children

Half Caste: Mixed Breed

Father: Mr Garba (Nigerian)

Mother: Mrs Garba (Arabian)

Siblings: 4

Brothers: 2

Twin Sisters: 2

Married: Not married

Marital Status: Single

Relationship Status: Dating

Girlfriend: Yes

Wife: No wife yet

Child, Baby: No

Education, School: University Of Jos (UNIJOS)

Course Of Study: Electrical Electronics Engineering

Place Of Residency: Jos

Skin Colour, Complexion: Fair, Lightskinned

Hair: Curly

Eye Colour: Black

Tattoo: No

Yousef Instagram Handle: officialking_yousef

Yousef Career, Occupation Life History, Story 

Yusuf Garba aka Yousef BBN is a Nigerian-Arabian born teacher, model, Fashion Entrepreneur and BBNaija 2021 Season 6 Housemate.

YOUSEF was born in 1992 in Jos Plateau State, into the family of Mr and Mrs Garba.

Mr University Of Jos (UNIJOS) : Yousef was Mr UNIJOS winner in 2015 and a Jos Carnival King Winner in 2018.

Gym Workout, Fitness: YOUSEF BBNaija is a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer. He likes to workout to maintain his muscular Physique and 6 pack abs.

YOUSEF BBNaija Season 6 Shine Ya Eye Housemate: Yousef is one of the guys rocking the bbn house 2021. 

Yousef was the first Deputy Head of House in the season 6 edition of BBNaija. Peace won the first Head of The House and chose YOUSEF as her deputy.

Arin And Yousef: Arin had narrated to some fellow BBNaija Housemates how she caught Yousef staring at her in the bathroom.

Full Biography Of Yousef BBNaija (Yusuf Garba Adamu BBN)

Yusuf Garba Adamu popularly known as Yousef on Big Brother Naija Show gave a brief autobiography of himself on his Instagram page:

"HELLO! My name is Yusuf Garba Adamu, I was born on the 14th of April 1992 in Jos, Plateau state.

I am the last born in a family of (five) 5, three(3) boys and two(2) GIRLS (twins. Ejima in igbo😊. who are both happily married)

I'm directly after them.If I was yoruba, I'll probably be called (idowu) but here am I, you can call me Gambo 😂. 

I am a mix breed, my mum is Arabian while my dad is Nigerian(Jos north) . I am a very friendly, open minded and easy going person 

I am a graduate of university of Jos, i studied electrical electronics 

I am a professional model who has been Mr Unijos in 2015 and a Jos Carnival King in 2018, all these I won at my first try.😉

Lucky enough, I got to be one of the BBNaija Shine ya eye housemate at my first try.🙏

God has been good to me and I hope to have the best time and make good friends in the house as I count on your support. I AM A #YUNIKSTAR #YOUSEF#DatJosboy #bbnyousef #ArabianJosBoy #bbnseason6 #Shineyaeye #Bbnmodel #Jostotheworld #Teamyousef #Younikstars #Gladiators #UNDILUTEDGRACE"

Yousef Real Name, Full Name: What is the real name of Yousef BBNaija? YOUSEF BBN real name is Yusuf Garba Adamu.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Yousef BBN is from where, which country? Yousef BBNaija is from Nigeria. 

Is Yousef BBN Indian? No, Yusuf Garba aka YOUSEF BBN is Nigeria and Arabian.

Half Caste, Mixed: Is Yousef BBNaija a half cast? Yes, Yousef BBN is a Half caste, a mixed breed from Nigeria and Arab. His dad is a Nigerian while his mum is Arabian.

Yousef State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Yousef bbnaija is from which state? Yusuf Garba Adamu Aka Yousef BBNaija hails from Jos North, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Yousef Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Yousef BBNaija was born on 14 April 1992.

Real Age: How old is Yousef BBNaija? Yusuf Garba Yousef BBNaija is currently 29 years old as at 2021. Yousef BNN celebrated his 29th birthday on 14th April 2021.

Yousef bbn Religion: Is YOUSEF a Christian or a Muslim? Yousef BBNaija religion is Islam, he is a Muslim.

Hairstyle, Hair: Yousef BNN has natural curly hair, rocks afro, punk.

Height: How tall is Yousef BBNaija? Yousef is about 6 feet tall.

Education School, School: Yousef attended primary and secondary schools in Jos Plateau State and later proceeded to the University of Jos (UNIJOS) where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering.

Yousef Family Background, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Yusuf Garba Adamu 'Yousef BBNaija' was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Garba in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. Yousef is the last born child of 5 children of his parents.

Yousef was born with a silver spoon into a rich family but he lost the spoon while growing up as things later became difficult for his parents and family. They lost financially and became broke. Yousef family moved into his aunty's house. His aunty and her husband were so much in love. Yousef's Aunty husband later died and his aunty couldn't bear the loss of her lovely husband and she also died 2 weeks after the death of her husband and left the house for them. Yousef shared his Family story on BBNaija.

Yousef BBN Parents: Who are the parents of Yusuf Garba aka Yousef BBNaija parents? Yousef BBNaija parents are Mr and Mrs GARBA. His father is a Nigerian while his mother is Arabian woman.

Father: Who is Yousef BBNaija father? Yusuf Garba Yousef BBN father of a Mr Garba. He is a Nigerian from Jos North, Plateau State.

Mother: Who Is Yousef BBNaija Mother? Yousef Bbn mother is Mrs Garba. She is a beautiful Arabian woman.

Picture Of Yousef and his mother (Childhood Throwback photo)

Yusuf Garba Adamu: YOUSEF BBNaija Celebrates Her Arabian Mother

Yousef shared a picture of his mum to celebrate her and wrote:

"Having a sister, teacher, friend, chat buddy, fashion mate, chef, and support Plug is definitely one of the many blessings Allah has given me as a mother.

I wouldn’t have come this far without encouragements from a woman of virtue;

One whose family comes first,

A woman who understands’ the dynamics of life and is calm enough to stand through the storm when it approaches and comes out just fine.

A beautiful soul,

Who is ready to listen to your complaints and solve them the best way she can,

One whose smile lifts your burdens and makes way for success for you.

Her children are blessed today,

Because there was and still is a warrior who stood the gap in prayers while we cuddled our beds to sleep.

I haven’t seen an energy like hers before!

Choosing her over and over again as my mother will never be an option because it is a ‘choose on a stand’ already.

There were times I got the most of disappointments and talked things through with her,

My heart felt like milk in a big jar filled with honey for a sweet satisfaction.

Her words? They come with a smoosh for a total change.

She definitely has taught her boys to respect, genuinely love and be kind to women all over the world.

Behold my mother,

One with so much beauty from her appearance, soul, communication and dealings with many.


I love you Mum❤️.

#BBNaija #Yousef #Yunickstars"

Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: Yousef BBNaija has 4 elder Siblings - 2 brothers and two sisters. Yousef is the last born.

Yousef Twin Sisters: Yousef BBN immediately elder ones are twin sisters. Yusuf Garba Adamu Yousef twin sisters are both married.

Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Yousef BBNaija married? No, Yousef BBN Yusuf Garba Adamu is not yet married.

Wife: Who Is Yousef BBNaija Wife, Name, Pictures? Yusuf Garba Yousef BBN does not have a wife yet. He is not yet married and has not revealed who his wife to be or fianceé is.

Girlfriend: Who is Yousef BBNaija Girlfriend? Yousef bbn has not unveiled his girlfriend.

Net Worth: Yousef BBNaija Net Worth is about $75,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Yousef lives in Jos and drives his own car.

Yousef Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Yousef BBNaija can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Yousef BBNaija Instagram: Yousef BBN Instagram Handle officialking_yousef.

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