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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Chinenye Ubah Bio, Wikipedia, Real Age, Height, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Twins, Birthday, Boyfriend, Husband, Married, Wedding Pictures, Family, Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, House, Cars, Instagram Handle, Relationship, Bleaching, Phone Number, State Of Origin, Home Town, Profile History, Child, Daughter, Children, Son, Movies, Surgery, BBNaija, Chinenye Uba Wiki, Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Chinenye Uba: Everything To Know About Chinenye Ubah Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Married, Wedding, Twins, Height, Net Worth, Real Age, Birthday, Siblings, Child, Daughter, House And Cars

Who Is Chinenye Uba?

Who Is Chinenye Ubah?

Chinenye Ubah (born 29 June 1989) is a tall, beautiful, lightskinned Nigerian born Nollywood actress and model whose beauty and talent stand her out. 

Chinenye Ubah is a Nollywood actress known for emotional, crying roles which she interprets flawlessly.

Photos of Chinenye Ubah

About Chinenye Ubah Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Chinenye Ubah is a Nigerian actress and model who plays versatile roles. She has played Royalty, Princess, crying roles, girlfriend, lover girl roles, among others.

Chinenye Uba's beauty and flawless lightskinned complexion plus her talent are her selling points. Chinenye Ubah is currently one of the most beautiful and hottest Nollywood actresses at the moment. After conquering Asaba and Enugu, she has now relocated to Lagos.

Chinenye Ubah started her Entertainment career as a model while she was an undergraduate at the University. She fully joined Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry after her graduation from the University.

Chinenye Ubah started acting in 2015 and the movie 'Akweke' where she played the role of a beautiful maiden brought her into the limelight. She Acted alongside Chioma Chukwuka and Ken Erics in the movie.

Chinenye Ubah has acted alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as Ken Erics, Destiny Etiko, Jerry Williams, Sambasa Nzeribe, Frederick Leonard, Larry Koldsweat, Stan Nze, Yul Edochie, Ruth Eze, Chigozie Atuanya, Chioma Chukwuka, Eucharia Anunobi, Stephen Odimgbe Flashboy, Ebele Okaro Onyiuke, Ugezu J Ugezu, Onny Michael, Maleek Milton, Luchy Donalds, Uju Okoli, Diamond Okechi, Ebele Okaro, Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu, Chizzy Alichi, Ngozi Ezeonu, among others.

Picture of Chinenye Ubah And Destiny Etiko, Ken Erics

Chinenye Ubah Movies: Chinenye Uba movies include, Princess Of Unity, Don't Leave, Emela, The Mirror, Akweke, Pretty Little Thing, Princess Ebube, Heart of Gold, My Love My Tears, Heart of a Ghost, Sacred Virgins, End of Black Witch, Desire of the Royalty, The Ordinary, The Hands of Revenge, Daughters of Elegant, Unimaginable Act, among others.

Chinenye Ubah Wiki Profile Bio Details (Summary)

Name: Chinenye Ubah

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra

Place Of Birth: Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 29 June 1989

Birthday: 29th June

Real Age: 32

Net Worth: $350,000 US Dollars

Occupation: Actress, Model

Height: 5"7 feet tall

Married: Not Married

Husband: No

Relationship Status: Dating

Marital Status: Single

Boyfriend: Name Not Available

Child, Baby: None Yet

Daughter: No daughter yet

Twins: Not a Twin

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ubah

Complexion, Color: Lightskinned, Fair

Bleaching, Bleached: No

Surgery: No

Tattoo: No

Chinenye Ubah Social Media: Not On Social Media

Chinenye Ubah Instagram Name: Not on Instagram

Chinenye Ubah Facebook: Not On Facebook

Chinenye Ubah Twitter: Not On Twitter

Full Biography Of Chinenye Uba (Nollywood Actress Chinenye Ubah Biography)

Real Name: Chinenye Ubah surname is also spelt as Chinenye Uba.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Chinenye Ubah from, which state? Chinenye Ubah hails from Anambra State, Nigeria. She is Igbo by tribe.

Chinenye Ubah Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Chinenye Uba born? Chinenye Ubah was born on 29 June 1989 in Anambra.

Real Age: How old is Chinenye Ubah? Chinenye Ubah is currently 32 years old as at 2021.

Chinenye Ubah Body Measurements, Weight, Height

Height: How tall is Chinenye Ubah? Chinenye Ubah is about 5"7 feet and inches tall.

Pictures of Chinenye Ubah Standing tall at 5"7 feet

Complexion, Colour: Chinenye Ubah is lightskinned. Very fair in complexion.

Chinenye Ubah Childhood, Old Throwback Photos and Recent Pictures

Chinenye Ubah Before And After Pictures (Throwback Vs Recent Photos)

Chinenye Ubah Bleaching: Did Chinenye Ubah bleach her skin? No, Chinenye Ubah did not bleach her skin. Chinenye Uba is naturally fair, lightskinned in complexion. Her flawless skin colour is naturally very fair, no need for mixing cream. She can easily bag an endorsement deal with for skin products with her skin color.

Chinenye Ubah's Beauty: Chinenye Ubah is very beautiful with nice stature, figure 8, facially beautiful, with close resemblance to Erica of BBNaija fame.

Photos of Chinenye Ubah Without Makeup: Chinenye Ubah looks beautiful even without makeup.

Educational Background: Chinenye Ubah attended primary and secondary schools in Anambra State and later proceeded to the University and has graduated.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Chinenye Ubah was born into the rich family of Mr and Mrs Ubah of Anambra State. She has other siblings.

Chinenye Ubah Father: Who is Chinenye Ubah father? Chinenye Ubah father is Mr Ubah, a businessman from Anambra State.

Mother: Who Is Chinenye Ubah mother? Chinenye Ubah mother is Mrs Ubah. She keeps her mom, dad and siblings away from social media.

Some erroneously thought that Uche Nancy was Chinenye Ubah mother, but No, Chinenye Ubah is not Uche Nancy's daughter, and Uche Nancy is not Chinenye Ubah's mother.

Chinenye Ubah Siblings, Sister, Brother: Chinenye Ubah has other siblings, sister, brother but she keeps her family, siblings, sisters and brothers away from social media.

Twins, Chinenye Ubah Twin Sister: Is Chinenye Ubah a twin? No, Chinenye Ubah is not a twin and does not have a twin sister or twin brother.

Chinenye Ubah And Chinenye Nnebe, Sisters, Related: Are Chinenye Ubah and Chinenye Nnebe sisters, related? No, Chinenye Ubah and Chinenye Nnebe are not sisters and are not related. But both Chinenye Ubah and Chinenye Nnebe are actresses from the same state - Anambra.

Chinenye Ubah Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Chinenye Ubah married? Chinenye Ubah got married to Jerry Williams on movie set.

Is Chinenye Ubah Married In Real Life: No, Chinenye Ubah is not yet married in real life, only in movies where she got married to actors like Stephen Odimgbe Flashboy, Onny Michael and Jerry Williams.

Husband: Who Is Chinenye Ubah Husband, Name, Pictures? Chinenye Ubah doesn't have a husband yet and has not revealed the name or who her husband to be or fianceé is.

Boyfriend: Who is Chinenye Ubah boyfriend, Name, Pictures? Chinenye Ubah has a boyfriend but keeps her love life away from social media.

Photo of Chinenye Ubah And Ken Erics

Chinenye Ubah Dating, Relationship: Is Chinenye Ubah in a relationship? Who Is Chinenye Uba dating? Chinenye Ubah is in a relationship and dating a man but keeps her affairs off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook as she is not even on social media.

Engaged, Engagement, Fiancé: Is Chinenye Ubah engaged? Who is Chinenye Ubah fiancé? Chinenye Ubah has not revealed if she is engaged or not.

Sexuality, Sexual Orientation: Is Chinenye Ubah a lesbian, Bisexual or Straight? Chinenye Ubah is Straight.

Children, Child, Baby, Son, Daughter: Does Chinenye Ubah have a child, daughter or son? No, Chinenye Ubah doesn't have a child, daughter or son yet.

Chinenye Ubah Net Worth: How much is Chinenye Ubah worth? Chinenye Ubah net worth is about $350,000 US Dollars in 2021, 2020.

Salary, Pay Per Movie Script: How much does Chinenye Ubah earn per movie script? Chinenye Ubah is paid between ₦300,000 - ₦500,000 naira per movie script.

House and Cars: Chinenye Ubah drives nice cars. She was living in Anambra, Onitsha before relocating to Lagos in 2020.

Pictures of Chinenye Ubah cars and house

Chinenye BBNaija: Chinenye Ubah had last year 2020 revealed that she wants to be on Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) as a contestant and housemate. Hopefully Chinenye Ubah will still be on BBNaija and increase her popularity.

Chinenye Ubah Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Chinenye Ubah can be contacted via Nollywood marketers and producers as she is not on social media.

Chinenye Ubah Social Media Accounts, Handles, Instagram Handle, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Tiktok

Chinenye Ubah is not on any social media. She is not on Instagram, has no Facebook account or page, not on Twitter. She lives a private lifestyle.

Chinenye Ubah Instagram Handle, Page Account: What is Chinenye Ubah Instagram handle, name, Page Account? Is Chinenye Ubah on Instagram? No, Chinenye Ubah is not on Instagram, she has no real Instagram handle, account or page. 

All the Chinenye Ubah Instagram Accounts & Instagram Pages are fake.

Chinenye Ubah however has an Instagram fan page set up by her fans where her fans share Chinenye Ubah Instagram recent, new photos and videos.

Chinenye Ubah And Stephen Odimgbe Flashboy: Chinenye Ubah and Stephen Odimgbe have starred in many movies together and the chemistry between the two is superb.

Chinenye Ubah And Jerry Williams: Chinenye Ubah and Jerry Williams have featured together in many movies and they could make a good couple.

Pregnant Chinenye Ubah And Her Husband, Jerry Williams on set of a movie

Chinenye Ubah And Ken Erics: Chinenye Ubah and Ken Erics have also Featured together as Husband and wife in movies and they look good together.

Chinenye Ubah And Onny Michael: Chinenye Ubah and Onny Michael are another Nollywood movie fine couple we always like to see being paired together.

Chinenye Ubah And Maleek Milton: Chinenye Ubah and Maleek Miltons also make a good Nollywood movies couple.

Chinenye Ubah And Frodd BBNaija: Chinenye Ubah and Frodd BBNaija are friends.

Chinenye Ubah Images, Photos, Pictures Gallery

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