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Pictures of Segun Adebayo, Toyin Lawani husband

Who Is Toyin Lawani New 2nd Husband?
Who Is Toyin Lawani Husband?

Who is Segun Adebayo aka Segun Wealth?
Segun Adebayo (born 11 November 1980s) who is popularly known as Segun Wealth Aka Deeunknown is a masked Nigerian photographer, entertainer and the second husband of Toyin Lawani, Celebrity designer.
Photo of Masked Segun Adebayo

Toyin Lawani husband, Segun Wealth whose real name is Segun Adebayo is from Lagos State and describes himself on Instagram as:

"My name is Segunwealth I’m an artist, I take very good pictures and I make great songs also do paintings and write poetry and music 🎶 I’m a farmer and experienced in animal and crop farming. I’m masked, cool gentle and focused. You can contact me for business now or later."

In another post, Segun Wealth wrote: 
'Call me 
Snow in the desert.
The lens lord
Masked artist
Camera man
I am some people in one body'.

Segun Wealth Date of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Toyin Lawani husband, Segun Wealth Adebayo? Segun Wealth was born on 11th November 1980s. He is 30+. 

Segun Wealth Wife: About Segun Adebayo And His 2 Wives (1st and 2nd Wives, Names, Pictures)

Married, Wedding: Segun Wealth is married to Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah.
Segun Wealth Adebayo Andy Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah Wedding Pictures

Segun Wealth First Wife: The name of Segun Wealth 'Segun Adebayo' first wife is Edel.
Segun Wealth was married to Edel before going ahead to take Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah as his second wife.
Wedding Photo of Segun Wealth and his first wife, Edel Adebayo

Segun Wealth and Edel: Segun Wealth has been married to Edel Adebayo for 6 years and they have two children together.

Segun Wealth and Tiannah: Segun Wealth and Tiannah whose real name is Toyin Lawani got engaged on February 14th, lovers day and finally got married on 9th of June 2021.
Picture of Segun Wealth and his wife, Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah
Photo of Segun Wealth Adebayo wife
Picture of Toyin Lawani and her husband

What Is The Name Of Toyin Lawani Husband, Pictures? Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah husband name is Segun Wealth aka Segun Adebayo. That's the name of Toyin Lawani second husband's name.

Children: Segun Wealth has two children with his first wife, Edel but has not had any child with Toyin Lawani aka Tiannah, his new 2nd wife.

Step Children, Stepchild: Segun Adebayo has a step daughter and a step son.
Image of Segun Wealth Adebayo step son

Segun Wealth Net Worth: How rich and wealthy is Segun Wealth? How much is Segun Wealth Adebayo Net Worth? Segun Wealth net worth is about $400,000 US Dollars.

Educational Background: Segun Wealth schools attended not available.

Masked Face Vs Real Face Pictures: Segun Wealth likes to wear mask always even in photoshoots with his wife, Toyin Lawani. But on few occasions, Segun Wealth Adebayo's real face has been unveiled.
See the real face pictures of Segun Wealth Adebayo (Before And After Unmasked Photos)

Segun Wealth Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Segun Wealth can be contacted via his Instagram page Account.

Instagram: Segun Wealth Adebayo Instagram page Account Profile Handle segun_wealth. Segun Wealth currently has 57.5k followers on his Instagram page as at June 14, 2021.

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