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Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu?

Who Is Pretty Mike Of Lagos?

Pretty Mike whose real name is Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike Of Lagos and who was born on 28 October, 1987 is a handsome Nigerian born Lagos Socialite, entrepreneur and the co-owner of the Club Uno.

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Nickname: Pretty Mike Of Lagos

Real Name: Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu

Hairstyle: blonde

State Of Origin: South East State

Colour: Pink

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Pretty Mike Of Lagos was born on 28th October 1987.

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Real Age: Pretty Mike Of Lagos is currently 33 years old. Pretty Mike will celebrate his 34th birthday in October 2021.

Celebrating his 33rd birthday last year in October 2020, Pretty Mike wrote:

"Happy Birthday To’s meant to be a day of Celebration and Joy, but I have chosen to dedicate today to our fallen Heroes in this struggle and movement for a better nation,...... I will also be visiting our wounded in there Various hospitals and homes to stretch out a helping hand to there needs and wants ..... I am pleased and humble that the Lord has blessed me so much that I can also uplift others..... “We Rise by lifting Others” 🙏🏽"

Height: Pretty Mike Of Lagos is about 5"7 feet tall.

Educational Background: Pretty Mike Of Lagos studied abroad. He is a graduate of Computer Engineering.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Sisters, Brothers: Pretty Mike was born Into a Christian family, he grew up in USA and has other siblings, sisters and brothers.

Pretty Mike Wedding, Married, Marriage: Pretty Mike Of Lagos is not yet married but he has many girlfriends and baby mamas.

Wife: Who is Pretty Mike Of Lagos wife? Pretty Mike has not wife yet. He is maritally single.

Baby Mamas: Pretty Mike Of Lagos has 6 baby mamas.

Girlfriends: Pretty Mike Of Lagos has 6 pregnant girlfriends who have all given birth to babies.

Pretty Mike Child, 6 Children, Babies: Pretty Mike Of Lagos claims he has 6 babies and six baby mamas.

Writing about his 6 children, babies in an Instagram post, Pretty Mike of Lagos wrote:

"#FactsOnly.... “Kids are definitely a blessing from above” but when Dey start that their crying 🙈, can u picture 6 kids crying at the same time🧐, the crazies part is, u don’t even know the reason why Dey are crying, most times Dey are just looking for ur attention or using u to catch cruise🤣 #ZaddyOfSix #LagosDaddy #ChiefDaddy #SureZaddy #KingSolomon #HusbandMaterial #CubanaGroup #theartistandhismuse2021"

Net Worth: Pretty Mike Of Lagos net worth is about $800,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars, Mansion: Pretty Mike has over 3 cars. He likes Pink and White coloured cars.

Pictures of Pretty Mike Of Lagos Cars

Customized Number Plate Of Cars In His Car Garage: Pretty Mike Of Lagos has his cars plate number in his garage customized.

Pretty Mike & Bobrisky - Is Pretty Mike Gay, Homosexual or Bisexual? - Pretty Mike of Lagos has been linked with Bobrisky, the Nigerian crossdresser. Some claim that Pretty Mike of Lagos is the gay boyfriend of Bobrisky.

In an old post of Pretty Mike, he used Slangs common among gay men. He wrote;

"Trust me, Even with a name like PrettyMike, ur Top can be my bottom, my bottom can be ur Top, #BITCH don't u ever stop Hustling.."

Our Girlfriends Cheat On Us - Pretty Mike

"Na wa ooh.... This our society where a man can’t express his hurt without being tagged a talkative or an immature man, how do u expect to know how many of us that have been hurt,abused and cheated on and yet stayed in a relationship ? Yes I’ve seen a couple of instances where the woman cheats and the Guy stays....

The fact that our ego, as men wouldn’t let us come out and cry about our women cheating on us doesn’t mean it never happened....... 

Often time, the ladies gain sympathy when Dey share their stories with their friends, on the other hand, if a man shares such stories with his male friends he gains Mockery😢..... 

Lastly, it’s easier for women to go online and cry foul and the response would always be in their favor; the usual “men are scum” phrase would surface, but if a man ever comes out, world people will say “He talks too much😳, Abeg a lot of guys are currently dying in silence......

Oga Instagram community is here, feel free to express ur pain and pour out ur anger... You can’t be forming Lagos big boy, working super hard to provide for ur family and Dey will still be Fu***cking madam up and down and u can’t say  anything because people will laugh u, if u allow depression kill u, Dey will cont the Fu*king in ur Lekki home and send ur kids to go and stay with relatives 🧐 #NoAirFlow #HusbandMaterial #CubanaGroup #HustleAndBustle #RemyMartinInfluencer"

Pretty Mike Of Lagos Reveals His Biggest Fear With Women

"To whom it may concern

Don’t Spend the night with me if you gon leave at 7am.... Check out time is 12noon,Lay ur Cheating ass back down🤔

Secondly “If we Fu***k and someone finds out,because of ur leaking water water mouth.....I will block you from all financial benefits 🤫.

Lastly “my biggest fear when I’m with a babe I don’t know too well is her taking a picture of me while I’m asleep🤣🤣🤣.... please take the hard currencies in my wallet or whatever but don’t snap me.... I can’t jeopardize my home/relationships “Problem no Dey finish” 🤣🤣🤣.......... #LagosZaddy #BabyDaddyOfSix #HusbandMaterial #CubanaGroup #RemyMartinsinfluenzas #VersaceDrip #Leisurehomes"

Pretty Mike Of Lagos Wedding Story & Advise

"Special Announcement: Pls when Planning your Wedding, food is very important... Have more than 1 caterers in order to avoid stories. Groom, get a caterer to take care of ur family. Bride, do same... All these using 1 caterer or using family member to cook usually end in premium tears.... Was at my friend’s wedding reception yesterday #BecomingTheRalphs and u can’t believe at 11pm hot food and chill Champagne was still flowing 🍷🙌🏼... How do people come to ur wedding and they don’t eat 😪... pls invest in food more than in Decor 😏 that’s how I attended a wedding, Decor on mad point, hall setting was beautiful😍. Reception never even start proper and I’m hearing no more meat, no more water 😳, it wasn’t funny ooh.... 

The worst is when u know u have friends that are drunkards and u now invite dem and there isn’t enough alcohol to go around😡, Pls it’s not by force to do Lagos Lifestyle wedding Party.  The funniest part is, these kind of wedding are the kind that will force u to buy Asoebi by fire by force and will use almost one month to remind u that u must come to there wedding and spray plenty money, that u must come to the dance floor and represent oooh “thunder fire you there😡” how do u expect me to come and spray good money at ur wedding when the rice I ate is cold and has only one meat inside and the pepper wants to choke me because water has finished.....

Pls if u can’t cater to ur guest properly at ur wedding, we will off the asoebi we bought and request for instant refund😂’s obvious some wedding are now money making events with poor services and zero entertainment looking to cash out.....2021 una no go see my small money again..... 

Note Below:- 40% of Marriages that fail, is as a result of Unhappy, Hungry and  Beguiled Wedding Guest 🧐......"

Celebrate Your Achievements, Don't Mind Them - Pretty Mike Of Lagos

"A friend of mine  got married 2 years ago, den posted and wrote “Congratulations to me I am a lucky man”, as usual the people in the comment section talked him down by saying marriage is not an achievement 😳...Anyways fast forward to 3weeks ago he got a new car and posted again “congratulations to me” same set of people again came to talk him down behind the keypad by saying “buying a new car is not an achievement 🤣.......

My dear people whatever you see as an achievement on your path don’t let people talk you down about it.. if you have a thousand or one million followers on IG and you feel it’s an achievement yes it is an achievement, If you finally start dating that girl you’ve been chasing around for a long time and you feel it’s an achievement yes it is an achievement and if you buy that Benz or that Range Rover you have been eying for a long time and you feel it’s an achievement yes it is🙌🏼, if u just rented or purchased that new home and you feel it’s an achievement, celebrate it 🍾

Do not let anyone define your achievements for happy about what makes you happy......🎉🍷......... #HusbandMaterial #CubanaGroup"

Pretty Mike Of Lagos Writes About Crazy Bobrisky, Kanye West, Denrele Edun, Amara Ashmusy, Mr Macaroni, Lasisi Elenu, Chinonso Ukah aka Ada Jesus, Broda Shaggi

"It’s Funny how the world loves to identify with Success.... I guess KanyeWest just got an A+ for his Craziness💰🤣, even mad people are now having hopes 🤣 but then again Kanye is a crazy genius ahead of his time, so you might want to evaluate your own craze and turn it into billions... Like play like play, our very own Crazy @bobrisky222 has turned her madness into a money making machine. The same BOB that the whole nation was mad at for his creative gestures at first... abi na her 😂 🙌🏼... Mr @lasisielenu is another creative mad man, that has done well for himself, I’m yet to figure out how he switches all those personalities in his head 🤷🏽‍♂️.... 

What about @mrmacaroni1 someone most people wrote completely off as a disturbing mad man, but today we all celebrate with him as a successful entertainer... U can’t talk about abnormal people in this country and not call Amara aka @ashmusy another coded creative lunatic with so much vibes, While some of her female peers were going around selling pus**y, Amara packaged her craziness to the entire nation 🙌🏼, I can go on and on and on.... we have so many crazy talented people in this nation and one day, soon, One of dem will grace the front page of Forbes magazine as the richest billionaire out of Nigeria 🙌🏼🙏🏽, wait ooh, speaking of crazy people, @brodashaggi is the class captain of abnormality in this nation, but codely he is cashing out with his madness and there is a rumor he is building an abnormal mansion here in Lagos 🙌🏼... 

Lastly, cause this caption don Dey too long, @nons_miraj Aka Ada Jesus, what is ur problem biko ? wait first do u even have a boyfriend ? how does he cope with u!I’m sure he is afraid to cheat on u🤣, abi u have chased dem all away🙈my dear u need deliverance 🙏🏽🤣... at the end of the day, if you feel you can be crazy and wild, do your thing and face the music. People will be people, just be yourself. So many normal people didn’t even last as much as @denrele_edun has enjoyed fame #NoCap So best wishes abeg #PackageYourCraze #HusbandMaterial #DrawingCelebrityTatooNoFollowOoh🤣 #RemymartinInfluencer #TagUrFavoriteMadPerson 🙈🤣"

Pretty Mike Of Lagos On Good Girl Vs Bad Girl

"Why do some women believe that guys love and appreciate Bad girls more than the good ones.....I keep hearing that,the Bad bitches are winning.🤣 Thats not a good perspective ooh 😮 We love the good girls too... Good girls cont been good... one day it will pay off “when Jesus comes” 🙏🏽......"

Throwback Photos Of Pretty Mike Of Lagos: Sharing his Throwback pictures on his Instagram page, Pretty Mike wrote;

"This is as #ThrowBack As i can go~Houston Texas, missing Home 😢, Remember this song #StartedFromTheBottomNowWeRHere , well that doesn't apply to me, in my case, I started from the Top, my Mom n Dad now thinks i am even at the bottom😃~~well that's Life 4 u, even with all the fame? Money? Women?  Name it i can get it? Trust me, Even with a name like PrettyMike, "ur Top can be my bottom, my bottom can be ur Top, #BITCH don't u ever stop Hustling, 

#ThrowBackThursday 🙌🙌 Remember 2nite #CLubUno #RICHGANG da Movie Loading"

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