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Who Is Obiageli Molube?

Obiageli Molube is a veteran Nigerian born Nollywood actress who has featured in many Nigerian movies and TV series such as, Rattle Snake, Checkmate, Dangerous Twins, Living in Bondage.

Obiageli Molube Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Obiageli Molube started her acting career in the early 1990s. Though she is Igbo, she speaks Yoruba fluently because she has lived in Lagos for many years and can effectively feature in both English and Yoruba movies.

Obiageli Molube is an actress known for her role as Mama Nduka (Bimbo Manuel) in 'Checkmate', a TV series that ran on NTA in the 1990s.

Obiageli Molube is also known for her role as Peter's Mother in 'Rattle Snake', an Amaka Igwe film that was released in 2015.
Throwback Photos of Obiageli Molube as Peter's Mother In Rattlesnake

Movies: Obiageli Molube movies include Dangerous Twins, Living in Bondage, Rattle Snake, Checkmate, among others.
Throwback Photo of Obiageli Molube and late actress, Patience Oseni who died in February 2020

Awards: Obiageli Molube has won many awards in her career life which includes the 2020 edition of the Legends Of Nollywood Awards held on February 15, at the Banquet Hall, National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

Photo of Obiageli Molube receiving her award at the 2020 Legends of Nollywood Awards.

State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe: Where is Obiageli Molube from? Obiageli Molube is Igbo from Nnewi, Anambra State, South East part of Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Obiageli Molube? Obiageli Molube is 60+.

Husband: Obiageli Molube husband, Mr Molube is dead. She is a widow.

Children, Daughter, Son: Obiageli Molube has 5 Children.

Net Worth: Obiageli Molube net worth was about $250,000 US Dollars before the sickness that took a toll on her health and finances.

Sickness, Illness, Sick, Stroke: Obiageli Molube was battling with a life-threatening ailment in 2018.
The actress was bedridden since 2006 suffering from multiple strokes and heart-related problem.

Obiageli Molube's sickness became a public knowledge when a video of her emerged on social media in 2018 as shared by Prince Ifeanyi Dike, whom she contacted in pains.

Obiageli Molube who is a member of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) needed about N9 million to get back to her feet.

Prince Ifeanyi Dike said: “We appeal to good spirited Nigerians especially from her home state of Nnewi, Anambra State to come to the rescue of their illustrious daughter who paved the way for so many established actresses today. We call on the governor of Anambra state, His Excellency Willie Obiano and the billionaires of Nnewi not to allow their daughter to die.”

Prince Ifeanyi Dike, who is also chairman of the fundraising committee, also appealed to colleagues in the movie industry to rally round one of their own, to avoid another unnecessary death.

Recovery, Recovered: Obiageli Molube has recovered as shown in a recent video when actress Foluke Daramola visited her in her house at her Lagos home. She appeared healthy in the video and was speaking both English and Yoruba.

Foluke Daramola Visits Obiageli Molube In Her Lagos House: In May 2021, Foluke Daramola Paid Courtesy Visit to Mama Obiageli Molube in her home under the umbrella of PARA AFRICA to appreciate her in their own little for her immense contribution to the industry. This is to fulfil the obligation of making sure all veterans in the movie industries are not let behind or be forgotten. 
Watch Obiageli Molube latest Recent video at her home

Obiageli Molube Dead Or Alive? Is Obiageli Molube dead or alive? Veteran Nollywood actress, Obiageli Molube is alive and not dead.

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