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Who Is Mike Godson?
Mike Godson who was born on 10th October 1985, whose real, full name is Michael Godson Ifeanyichukwu is a handsome, fair skinned, average in height tall Nollywood actor, model, brand ambassador and an Igbo businessman.

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Mike Godson Profile

Stage Name: Mike Godson

Real Name: Michael Godson

Place Of Birth: Mike Godson was born and raised in Kano State.

State Of Origin, Home Town: Mike Godson is from Imo State, Nigeria

Height: Mike Godson is average 5"6 feet and inches tall
Checkout Mike Godson Height and Jerry Okpan

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Mike Godson was born on 10 October 1985.

Age: Mike Godson is 36 years old as at 2021.

Education, School University Attended: Mike Godson studied Theater and Film Arts at the University of Jos, Plateau State.
Mike Godson Occupation: Actor, Model, Businessman, Brand Influencer
Mike Godson Net Worth: $450,000 US Dollars

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Mike Godson is the fifth child of seven children. He is from a family of 9, including his parents - father, mother, brothers and sisters.

Hairstyle: Mike Godson rocks stylish but simple Hairstyles.

Mike Godson Movies: Mike Godson movies are, Throne Of Revenge, Hire A Woman, Trapped, The Boss Is Mine, Royal Quest, All For Love, The Shop Girl, London Fever, Love And Illusion, House Husband, My Angel & 1 Series, Royal Hegoat, Caught In The Act etc.

Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Mike Godson married? Mike Godson is not yet married in real life only in movies.

"The best time to marry is now. No wedding no reception. Only you, your wife, and the pastor!  Think about how much you can save. 😂🤔🤷‍♂️🙈🙄🏃‍♂️💨💨💨💨 #CORONAWEDDING 😂" Mike Godson jokingly wrote during the COVID-19 era in 2020.

Mike Godson Relationship: Mike Godson is in a relationship with his girlfriend.

Writing about relationships on his Instagram page, Mike Godson said,
"You can be in a relationship for 2years & feel nothing.

You could equally be in a relationship for 2weeks,& feel everything, time is not a measure of Love.🦅"

Real Wife: Mike Godson Wife Name, Pictures - Who is Mike Godson wife in real life? Mike Godson has not unveiled who his wife to be is. But he is not married.
Picture of Mike Godson and Mary Uranta

Girlfriend: Who is Mike Godson girlfriend now? Mike Godson girlfriend is Ini Edo but they are not yet married. It's not clear if Mike Godson and Ini Edo are still dating or if they have broken up their relationship. Though their alleged relationship was never confirmed.
Pictures of Mike Godson and Ini Edo

Child, Children, Kids: Mike Godson doesn't have a child, daughter or son yet. 
Picture of Mike Godson with Mariam Abacha's grandchildren

Twin: Is Mike Godson a twin, identical twin brother? Does Mike Godson have twin children? No, Mike Godson is not a twin and doesn't have twin babies.

However, Mike Godson acted as a twin in movie where he had a twin brother.

Net Worth: Mike Godson net worth is about $450,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Mike Godson has fine cars and lives in a fine house.

Mike Godson Dead Or Alive: Mike Godson is alive. He is not dead. Mike Godson died in the movie titled "Benediction".
Writing about his role as a dead man Mike Godson wrote:

"I have been on the set of Benediction, interpreting an emotionally driven character. I actually had to play dead on this one.🤦‍♂️
Bringing this character to life, got me thinking of how people feel when their loved ones pass away. 😔 swipe left!

Watch out for benediction! A Roktv #Production 📽🎬

Produced by @emeka_amaugoh
Directed by  @esosaegbon69"

Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Mike Godson can be reached via Instagram.

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YouTube Channel: Mike Godson Launches MikegodsonTV
Nollywood actor, Mike Godson launched his new YouTube channel called MikegodsonTV in June 2021. 
Announcing his YouTube channel, MikegodsonTV, Mike Godson wrote:

"Hello my lovely fans! Glad you all enjoyed Our last content and trust there are more to come! I am glad to announce I have finally launched my YouTube Channel 🎉

I have enough goodies coming right up and I want you all to be the first to see them 😀

Also after you have subscribed, come here and drop your suggestions about what you would love to see on (MikegodsonTV) YouTube channel!

Let’s do this my people! Love & light ❤"

Instagram: Mike Godson Instagram handle mikegodson.

Cultist: Is Mike Godson a cultist? No, Nollywood actor, Mike Godson is not a Cultist. He is an actor,. Model and a business owner.

Doctor: Is Mike Godson a doctor? No, Mike Godson is a Nigerian actor and model, not a medical doctor but has only acted as a doctor in movies.

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