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History Of Mercy Kenneth: Everything To Know About Mercy Kenneth Boyfriend, Husband, Real Parents, Father, Mother, Net Worth, Family, Kenneth Okonkwo Daughter

Full Biography, Wikipedia: Who Is Mercy Kenneth?

Mercy Kenneth Aka Adaeze (born 8th April 2000s) is a Nigerian comedian, Nollywood actress, model, singer and Instagram brand influencer.

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About Mercy Kenneth Career, Occupation, Life History & Story

Mercy Kenneth is a teenage Nollywood actress, Comedienne and model who started her acting and comedy career as a child actor.

She has now grown into a teenage actress, grabbing movie roles from right, left and center.

Mercy Kenneth engages in brand promotion by advertising brand products and services, as an an Instagram Influencer.

Pictures of Mercy Kenneth on movie set
No makeup photos of Mercy Kenneth looking all natural on set

Mercy Kenneth has worked alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Kenneth Okonkwo, Ifedi, Diamond Okechi, Oge Okoye, Patience Ozokwor, Ruby Orjiakor, Nkechi Nweje, Nonso Diobi, Ofiafulagu Mbaka, Maryann Apollo, Chiwetalu Agu, Ngozi Evuka Ezeh, Jnr Pope, Uche Ebere, Prince Ugo Malumi, Onny Michael, Chief Imo, Chinyere Wilfred, Emma Anyalogu, Chinenye Nnebe, Somadina Adinma, Ken Erics, among many others.

Old Throwback photo of Mercy Kenneth and Mr Ibu

Image of Mercy Kenneth and Ken Erics
Mercy Kenneth and TC Okafor Photo

Mercy Kenneth Movies: Mercy Kenneth movies are, Just For Nothing, Annabel Let Love Lead, My Daughter's Sacrifice, Critical Oath, Arrows Of Love, Unloved, Beautiful Demon, Chetanna My Love, Release Me, My House Rent, Samadorah, You Have My Body, Vendetta, The Witches, Water, The Evidence, Strike Of Thunder, Hearts Of War, Child Marriage, Zonghoto Kingdom, Peace Maker, Battle Cry, Daddy's Daughter, Princess Is Mine, Along Came Love, God Answers Prayers, The Hidden among many others.

Photos of Mercy Kenneth as a Tomboy in 'Release Me' movie

Mercy Kenneth Bio Data Summary

Real Name: Mercy Kenneth

Nickname: Adaeze

Nationality: Mercy Kenneth

State Of Origin: Imo State 

Tribe: Igbo

Height: 5"5 feet and inches tall

Parents: Pastor and Mrs Kenneth Okonkwo

Real Father: Pastor Kenneth Okonkwo

Mother: Mrs Kenneth Okonkwo

Siblings: 4 brothers

Brothers: Onyedika Kenneth, Dalinson Chukwudalu Kenneth, Goodnews Kenneth and Kenneth Caleb

Husband: None

Boyfriend: Unavailable

Married: No

Relationship Status, Dating: Single

School: Secondary School

Instagram: mercykenneth_

Mercy Kenneth Biography Profile Wiki Full Details

State Of Origin, Home Town: Where is Mercy Kenneth from, which State? Mercy Kenneth hails from Imo State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Mercy Kenneth was born on 8th April 2000s

Mercy Kenneth Real Age: How old is Mercy Kenneth? Mercy Kenneth is in her early teens.

Mercy Kenneth Birthday Pictures 2021: Mercy Kenneth celebrated her 2021 birthday with beautiful Makeup photos.

Mercy Kenneth Poses with her phone on her birthday
Stunning, Finest Pictures of Mercy Kenneth on her birthday in 2021

Tribe: Is Mercy Kenneth an igbo girl? Yes, Mercy Kenneth tribe is Igbo from the South East part of Nigeria.

Height: How tall is Mercy Kenneth? Mercy Kenneth is about 5"5 feet tall. Mercy Kenneth is still growing tall in height as she is just a young teenager.

Pictures of Mercy Kenneth Standing tall

Educational Background, School: Mercy Kenneth is schooling in a secondary school in Lagos State.

Photos of Mercy Kenneth going to school in Lagos

Family: Mercy Kenneth is from a lovely Christian family born to Pastor and Mrs Kenneth. Mercy Kenneth has 4 siblings brothers.

Mercy Kenneth Family Pictures

Parents: Mercy Kenneth biological parents are Pastor and Mrs Kenneth Okonkwo.

Pictures of Mercy Kenneth real parents
Picture of Mercy Kenneth and her biological parents

Mother: Who is Mercy Kenneth mother? Mercy Kenneth mother is Pastor Mrs Okonkwo. Mercy Kenneth likes to share pictures of her mom on her Instagram page to celebrate her.

Picture of Mercy Kenneth mother

Meet Mercy Kenneth real mom.

Picture of Mercy Kenneth and her mother (Throwback photo of Mercy Kenneth and her real mum)

Dad, Father: Who is Mercy Kenneth real father? The name of Mercy Kenneth biological father is Pastor Kenneth Okonkwo (not the popular Nollywood actor)

Pictures of Mercy Kenneth Biological Father
Photos of Mercy Kenneth real Dad

Pictures of Mercy Kenneth and her real Biological father

Mercy Kenneth's real dad, Kenneth Okonkwo is a Pastor, Nollywood movie producer and Marketer and the owner and CEO of Global Update Movies Ltd.

Mercy Kenneth father, Kenneth Okonkwo while celebrating his daughter on his Instagram page wrote: “A daughter is a gift of love.”

My life may not be a fairy tale, but my daughter is my princess.” @mercykenneth_. #teamglobalupdate.

Siblings, Brothers: Mercy Kenneth sibling brothers names are Onyedika, Dalinson Chukwudalu Kenneth, Goodnews Kenneth and Kenneth Caleb.

Picture of Mercy Kenneth Brothers and their father

Mercy Kenneth has 4 brothers.

Photos of Mercy Kenneth siblings - brothers

Mercy Kenneth elder brother Caleb Kenneth is in Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Photos of Mercy Kenneth and her siblings
Pictures of Mercy Kenneth and her brothers
Photo of Mercy Kenneth and her sister

Mercy Kenneth and Kenneth Okonkwo: Is Mercy Kenneth related to Kenneth Okonkwo? Is Mercy Kenneth Kenneth Okonkwo's daughter? Is Kenneth Okonkwo Mercy Kenneth father? Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo is not Mercy Kenneth real father but Mercy Kenneth biological father also answers Kenneth Okonkwo but her own real father is a pastor and a Nollywood movie producer.

Photo of Mercy Kenneth Real biological father Pastor Kenneth Okonkwo By the Right & Her 'Fake' movie father Star actor & Lawyer Kenneth Okonkwo On the Left Side (Both answer Kenneth Okonkwo)
Image of Mercy Kenneth and Kenneth Okonkwo, They are not related

Married, Husband: Is Mercy Kenneth married? Who is Mercy Kenneth husband? Mercy Kenneth is not yet married. She is in fact a teenager and still has a long way to go before ever thinking of getting married.

Mercy Kenneth Child Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Mercy Kenneth and Justice Silk starred in the movie 'Child Marriage' alongside other cast.

Photo of Mercy Kenneth and Justice Silk on the set of 'Child Marriage'.

Boyfriend: Who is Mercy Kenneth boyfriend, pictures, name, dating, relationship? Does Mercy Kenneth have a boyfriend? Nollywood actress, Mercy Kenneth doesn't have a boyfriend, she is not in any relationship.

Salary, Net Worth: How much is Mercy Kenneth Net worth? Kenneth net worth is about $120,000 US Dollars in 2020, 2021.

House and Cars: Mercy Kenneth house is in Lagos. She lives with her family and parents in Lagos home and rides in their cars.

Mercy Kenneth Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Mercy Kenneth can be contacted via her WhatsApp phone number 08066013794 and Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Instagram: Mercy Kenneth Instagram name and Handle mercykenneth_ Mercy Kenneth currently has 129k followers on her Instagram page Account as at June 3, 2021.

Twins: Is Mercy Kenneth a twin? No, Mercy Kenneth the Nollywood actress is not a twin, no twin sister or brother.

Adopted: Is Mercy Kenneth adopted? No, Mercy Kenneth is not adopted.

Dead or Alive: Is Mercy Kenneth dead? No, Mercy Kenneth is alive to the glory of God.

Mercy Kenneth Quotes



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