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History Of Juliet Patrick Odigwe: Everything To Know About Juliet Patrick Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Tattoos

Who Is Juliet Patrick Odigwe?

Who is Juliet Patrick?

Juliet Patrick (born 3 April 1980s) whose full name is Juliet Patrick Odigwe, is a tall, beautiful, lightskinned Nigerian born Nollywood actress, model, movie producer and entrepreneur.

About Juliet Patrick Odigwe Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Juliet Patrick started her acting career when she Joined Nollywood some years back and has since risen to be one of the fastest rising actresses in Nigeria who now grabs lead and sub lead roles.

Juliet Patrick recently produced her own movie as a producer, her movie is titled 'Scorned Husband' which recently aired on ROK Nigeria TV.

Juliet Patrick has acted alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Tim Ebuka, Joy Steve, Faith Steve, Chisom Steve, Nosa Rex, Ngozi Ezeonu, Jerry Williams, Rita Edochie, Emma Emordi Daniels, Mike Ezuruonye, Yvonne Jegede, Maryann Apollo, Georgena Ibeh, Ugezu J Ugezu, Osita Oluchukwu, Ugo Spunky, Emeka Maicon, Toosweet Annan, Ken Erics, among others.

Juliet Patrick Odigwe is also an entrepreneur and the Ceo of Juls Empire that deals on glamorous, quality sunglasses and more.

She is also a Brand Ambassador of Merrygold Chioma.

Pictures of Juliet Patrick Odigwe

Beautiful photos of Nollywood actress Juliet Patrick

Juliet Patrick Movies: Juliet Patrick Odigwe movies include, Scorned Husband, Defiled Throne, Forbidden Bride, Omego, That Other Good Turn, The Throne Of My Father, Destiny Of The Blind, The Prince And The Maids, Ojiugo My Love, Naked Desire, Family War, My Foolish Husband, Deeper Than Life, Kamso, Bleeding Throne, Beautiful Mask, Big Dream, Mothers At War, Life In The Village, Cursed Crown, Wisdom of The King, Drops Of Hope, Son Of Trouble, Evil Within, Yesterday, Sound Of Victory, Heart Of Fire, It's All My Fault, The Quest, Land Of Lovers, Small World, Mad Couple, Deadly Emotion, Spirit Wife, Herdsman, Oil Land, Malawi, Sambisa Girl, The Missionary, among others

Juliet Patrick Odigwe and Ken Erics

Juliet Patrick Odigwe Bio Wiki Data Profile

Name: Juliet Patrick

Real, Full Name: Chinelo Juliet Patrick Odigwe

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra State

Home Town, Village: Umanachi in Anambra

Career, Occupation: Actress, Model

Height: 5"8 feet tall

Complexion, Skin Colour: Fair, Lightskinned:

Tattoo: Long legs, back waist, arm tattooed

Parents: Mr and Mrs Patrick and Loretta Odigwe

Family: 9 Members - dad, mum & children

Father: Patrick Sunday Odigwe

Mother: Loretta Odigwe

Siblings: 7

Brothers: 4

Sisters: 2

Relationship Status: Single

Married: Not married

Husband: No

Boyfriend: Dating

Legs: Long

Net Worth: $200,000 US Dollars.

Instagram: julietpatrickodigwe

Languages: English, Hausa and Igbo 

Full Biography & Wikipedia Of Juliet Patrick Odigwe (Nollywood Actress)

State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe: Juliet Patrick is Igbo and hails from Umanachi in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Juliet Patrick Odigwe was born on 3 April 1980s.

Real Age: How old is Juliet Patrick Odigwe? Juliet Patrick is in her early 30s.

Picture of Juliet Patrick Odigwe hot legs

Height: How tall is Juliet Patrick? Juliet Patrick Odigwe is about 5"8 feet tall.

Pictures of Juliet Patrick standing tall

Body Tattoo: Juliet Patrick Odigwe has at least 4 tattoos on her leg, back of her waist, hand and on her arm. She obviously likes tattoos a lot. But the meaning of Juliet Patrick tattoos are unavailable as she has not spoken about her tattoos in an interview or on her Instagram page.

Photos of Juliet Patrick Odigwe body tattoos

Educational Background: Juliet Patrick Odigwe is a graduate of Linguistics.

Family: Juliet Patrick is the 4th child of 7 Children of her parents. She was born into the Odigwe family of Umanachi in Anambra.

Juliet Patrick Odigwe brother, mum
Juliet Patrick Odigwe Family Pictures
Pictures of Juliet Patrick and her siblings

Parents: Who are the parents of Juliet Patrick Odigwe? The name of Juliet Patrick's parents are Mr Patrick Sunday Odigwe and Mrs Loretta Odigwe.

Pictures of Juliet Patrick Odigwe real parents
Photo of Juliet Patrick father and mother

Juliet Patrick's parents have been married for 41 years now, they celebrated their 41st marriage, wedding anniversary in April 2021.

Initially, Juliet Patrick's parents didn't support her acting career but with time they gave in.

Father, Dad: Who is Juliet Patrick father? Juliet Patrick Odigwe's father's name is Patrick Sunday Odigwe. He is rich.
Picture of Juliet Patrick Odigwe and her father
Meet Juliet Patrick Odigwe real father (Photo of Juliet Patrick father at their family home)

Mother: Who is Juliet Patrick mother? Juliet Patrick Odigwe's mother's name is Mrs Loretta Odigwe.

Meet Juliet Patrick Odigwe mother (Pictures of Juliet Patrick Mother)
Photos of Juliet Patrick and her mother

Siblings: Juliet Patrick Odigwe has 6 siblings 4 brothers and 2 sisters. She is the 4th child of 7 kids. She seniors three - a younger sister called Mrs Anyaegbu Aka Unique Dove and a youngest brother named Olivet Odigwe popularly known as Tevriss. 3 people - 2 elder brothers an an elder sister senior Juliet Patrick.

Picture of Juliet Patrick Odigwe and her siblings according to their ages - from left to right

Brothers: Juliet Patrick Odigwe has 4 siblings brothers - two elder brothers and 2 younger brothers. One of Juliet Patrick Odigwe's younger brothers is Tevriss whose real name is Olivet Odigwe, an Abuja based fashion designer.

Images of Juliet Patrick's brother, Olivet Odigwe Tevriss, a popular fashion designer
Picture of Juliet Patrick Odigwe and her youngest brother, Tevriss

Sisters: Juliet Patrick Odigwe has two sisters - one elder sister and one kid sister.

Picture of Juliet Patrick Odigwe younger sister and her husband

Juliet Patrick's younger sister, Mrs Anyaegbu Aka Unique Dove is married with Kids. She got married in 2019.

Photo of Juliet Patrick Odigwe and her elder sister with their younger sister and her husband at her sister's white wedding

Wedding Pictures: Juliet Patrick got married to Emeka Maicon on set of 'Beautiful Mask'.

Marriage, Married: Is Juliet Patrick married? Juliet Patrick Odigwe is not yet married in real life.

Husband: Who Is Juliet Patrick husband, name, pictures? Juliet Patrick Odigwe is not yet married.

Boyfriend: Who is Juliet Patrick boyfriend, dating, in a relationship with? Juliet Patrick Odigwe has not revealed who her current boyfriend is but her ex boyfriend broke up with her when she decided to join the movie industry fully.

Children, Child: Does Juliet Patrick Odigwe has a child? Juliet Patrick Odigwe doesn't have her biological child yet.

Pic of Juliet Patrick Odigwe and her niece

Net Worth: Juliet Patrick Odigwe net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Juliet Patrick Odigwe has her own cars.

Juliet Patrick Odigwe Bikini Pictures: Here is a picture of Juliet Patrick wearing bikini.

Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Juliet Patrick can be contacted via WhatsApp 08094992767 (business only).

Instagram: Juliet Patrick Odigwe Instagram handle julietpatrickodigwe. Juliet Patrick currently has 10.4k followers on her Instagram page as at 9th June 2021.

Juliet Patrick Photos

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