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Jasmine Olarotimi and her Dad, Olarotimi Fakunle

History Of Jasmine Olarotimi: Everything To Know About Jasmine Olarotimi Profile, Mother, Father Olarotimi Fakunle, Biological Parents, Family, Net Worth, Siblings, Height, Movies, School, Education

Who Is Jasmine Olarotimi?

Jasmine Olarotimi (born 27 January 2012) is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress, child model,  TV Personality, gymnast, Instagram brand influencer and brand ambassador who is the daughter of actor Olarotimi Fakunle.

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About Jasmine Olarotimi Career, Occupation, Life History, Story (What To Know)

Jasmine Olarotimi, whose full name is Jasmine Morenike Olarotimi, is a popular award winning child actress, model, brand Influencer who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also a model and gymnast and has worked with reputable brands.

Jasmine Olarotimi started acting at the age of 3, her father, Olarotimi Fakunle, being a Nollywood actor, also helped her in joining Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry at an early age.

Jasmine Olarotimi is best known for her role as the witty Happiness in the TV drama series 'The Johnsons', and most recently as sharp-mouthed Shema on 'Riona'.

On Jasmine Olarotimi hobbies, the kid actress and model loves reading, swimming, playing dress up, taking pictures, going to the gym and playing with her adorable dog named Jessy.

Jasmine Olarotimi has acted alongside other top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Angel Onyi Unigwe, Mike Godson, Ada Ameh, Susan Pwajok, Lota Chukwu, Paschaline Alex, Funny Bone, Angela Eguavoen, Bolaji Ogunmola, Kunle Remi, Caroline Igben, Mofe Duncan, Charles Inojie, Joseph Momodu, Uzor Arukwe, Lucy Ameh, Nazo Ekezie, Anthony Monjaro, Sophie Alakija, among others.

Movies, TV Series: Jasmine Olarotimi movies and TV shows include, The Johnsons, Riona, The Warehouse, Something Special, Missing, Playing By Heart, Stay At Home Dad, Annie, The Most Toasted girl, Scarred, among others.

Jasmine Olarotimi Wiki Profile Bio Data

Nickname: Happiness in 'The Johnsons', Shema in 'Riona'

Real Name: Jasmine Olarotimi

Full Name: Jasmine Morenike Olarotimi

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Ogun

Tribe: Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 27 January 2012

Birthday: 27th January

Age: 9 (as at 2021)

Height: 4"1 feet tall (still growing)

Family: Dad, mother, herself and her siblings

Parents: Mr and Mrs Olarotimi Fakunle

Father: Olarotimi Fakunle

Mother: Mrs Chikita Olarotimi

Net Worth: $12,000 US Dollars.

Instagram: jasminllah

Full Biography Of Jasmine Olarotimi (Nollywood Actress, Child Actor Wikipedia)

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Jasmine Olarotimi from? Jasmine Olarotimi hails from Ogun state Nigeria but lives in Lagos State.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Jasmine Olarotimi was born on 27th January 2012.

Real Age: How old is Jasmine Olarotimi? Jasmine Olarotimi is 9 years old now (in 2021).

Jasmine Olarotimi Baby Photos (Old Throwback Childhood Pictures Of Jasmine Olarotimi)

Jasmine Olarotimi celebrated her 9th birthday on 27th January 2021.

Birthday Pictures of Jasmine Olarotimi

Celebrating Jasmine Morenike Olarotimi 9th birthday, her mum, Mrs Olarotimi wrote: 

"Happy Happy Birthday to this amazing HUMAN!! She's the most caring, loving, happy, empathic, annoying, creative and talkative creature I've ever known and she's thought me more about myself than I can ever learn on my own. Happy birthday Baby! I love you

#birthdaygirl #9yearsold"

Hair: Jasmine Olarotimi likes to rock her virgin natural hair (Afro). She wears braids too.

Jasmine Olarotimi Morenike Hairstyle Images

Educational Background, School, Name, Class: What class is Jasmine Olarotimi and what is the name of her school? Jasmine Olarotimi is currently heading to JSS class in secondary school in Lagos.

Family, Siblings, Biological Parents, Father, Mother: Jasmine Olarotimi was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Olarotimi Fakunle, her biological parents. She has other siblings brother, sister.

Jasmine Olarotimi and her mother

Mother: Who is Jasmine Olarotimi mother? Meet Jasmine Olarotimi real mother, Mrs Chikita Olarotimi who manages her Instagram Page Account Profile.

Pictures of Jasmine Olarotimi and her mother

Father: Who is Jasmine Olarotimi father? Jasmine Olarotimi father's name is Olarotimi Fakunle. He is a Nollywood actor.

Jasmine Olarotimi and her father
Pictures of Jasmine Olarotimi and her father, Olarotimi Fakunle

Olarotimi Fakunle Biography, Wife, Daughter, Age

Pictures of Olarotimi Fakunle

Who is Olarotimi Fakunle?

Olarotimi Fakunle (born 9 March) whose full name is Olarotimi Michael Fakunle is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, popularly know as Stanislavsky @olarotimi_stanislavsky.

Olarotimi Michael Fakunle is tall, dark, handsome and the father of Jasmine Olarotimi, Nollywood child actress.

Olarotimi Fakunle was born in Lagos State but grew up in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.

Movies: Olarotimi Fakunle is seasoned actor who has graced our TV screen in series like, Ajochie, Riona, Paper Boat to mention a few.

Net Worth: Jasmine Olarotimi Net Worth is about is about $12,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Jasmine Olarotimi lives in her parents' house in Lagos. Her dad and mom have nice cars.

Jasmine Olarotimi Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Jasmine Olarotimi can be contacted via her Instagram page Account and website.

Instagram: Jasmine Olarotimi Instagram page Handle jasminllah. Jasmine Olarotimi currently has 17.5k followers on her Instagram page as at 17th June, 2021.

Ameh Lucy Celebrates Jasmine Olarotimi On Children's Day, Shares Story

Actress Ameh Lucy while celebrating 2021 children's day shared pictures with Jasmine Olarotimi and recalled an experience she had with the young Nigerian actress. She wrote:

Children are the greatest treasures God has blessed us with and placed in our care, they are so innocent and adorable

I remember the day that @jasminllah and I took these pictures, from taking one, the photographer @mrgudugudu kept going on, I enjoyed every moment of it, the joy in the picture is deep. 

Listen to this funny story, it was an award event held in Ibadan @bonawards I was nominated, so was jasmine, someone else won my category but jasmine won hers, and hers was announced before mine, some kind fellow gifted her and another little boy some money, when they announced my category and announced someone else the winner, Jasmine who was sitting right next to me, whispered into my ear and said, my film mummy don’t worry I will dash you 100 naria from my money, 不不不I laughed so hard and shed tears, i imagined what was going on in her head, she thought 100naria will make everything alright, innocently but that was the sweetest thing ever.

Children are so innocent and precious, I pray for everyone looking for the fruit of the womb, father in heaven bless them with their heart desires.

Please future husband can you just quickly come so that God will bless us, I can’t wait to take mummy and daughter pictures please. Stop strolling around looking lost find me.

Last slide不不不不不不

HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY to all the beautiful children out there, may you all continue to grow in the light of Christ.  Please be kind and nice to kids.

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