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History Of Funmi Awelewa Morili: Everything To Know About Funmi Awelewa And Husband, Net Worth, Child, Wedding, Parents, Boyfriend, Height, Movies, Cars, House, Sister

Who Is Morili?

Who Is Funmi Awelewa?

Funmi Awelewa (born 12 October 1980s) who is also known as Morili is a Nigerian born Nollywood Yoruba actress, movie producer, Instagram brand Influencer and Entrepreneur.

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About Funmi Awelewa 'Morili' Career, Occupation, Life History

Funmi Awelewa is a Yoruba movie actress and filmmaker who has featured in many movies and has also produced some movies of her own. She also has business of her own which she combines effectively with her acting career.

Funmi Awelewa's second movie as a producer ‘Aromimawe’ in 2015 brought her to the limelight. She has since produced many other movies and featuring in many other people's productions too.

GlowEnvy By Awelewa: As an entrepreneur, Funmi Awelewa is the owner and CEO of GlowEnvy by Awelewa which deals with Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Herbal Products that help women to have glowing skin.

Movies: Funmi Awelewa movies include, Ebudola, Morili, Aromimawe, Ili Awon Oku, Woman's Wrath, Natasha, Efuufu, Omo Ibadan, Car Dealer, Igbeyin, Igboya, So So Kenke, Morili Orofo, Ebu-Ika, Aruga, Excursion, Simbi Alamala, The Chain and Egg to mention but a few.

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Funmi Awelewa Bio Data Profile

Name: Funmi Awelewa

Nickname: Morili, Omo Ibadan

Morili Real Name: Funmi Awelewa

Full Name: Orijafunmi Awelewa

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Osun State, Nigeria

Home Town: Iwo

Tribe: Yoruba

Place Of Birth: Ibadan, Oyo State

Date Of Birth: 12 October 1980s

Birthday: 12 October

Age: 30+

Career, Occupation: Acting, Businesswoman

Height: 5"5 feet tall

Tattoo: Yes - Hand tattooed

Boyfriend: Oluwatosin Adexteecy

Relationship Status: Married

Married: Yes

Spouse: Oluwatosin Aka Adexteecy

Real Husband Name: Oluwatosin Aka Adexteecy

Parents: Mr and Mrs Awelewa

Father: Mr Awelewa (late)

Mother: Mrs Awelewa (alive)

Siblings, Sister: ORIADE Iambablow

Child, Children, Baby: None

Instagram: funmiawelewa

Full Biography Wikipedia Of Funmi Awelewa (Details)

Funmi Awelewa State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe, Village: Where is Funmi Awelewa from? Funmi Awelewa hails from Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria.

Funmi Awelewa is Yoruba by tribe.

Funmi Awelewa Date of Birth, Birthday, Age: Funmi Awelewa was born on 12th October in 1980s.

Real Age: How old is Funmi Awelewa? Funmi Awelewa is in her 30s.

Height: How tall is Funmi Awelewa? Funmi Awelewa is about 5"5 feet tall.

Pictures of Funmi Awelewa standing tall

Funmi Awelewa Educational Background, School: Funmi Awelewa attended Francis ‘M’ Nursery and Primary School, Agbowo, Ibadan; Orogun Grammar School, Orogun, Ibadan; University of Ibadan where she got a Diploma and BSC in Library Archival and Information Studies.

Parents, Family, Siblings, Father, Mother: Funmi Awelewa is the second to the last child of her family and parents.

Funmi Awelewa Morili was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, but she is originally from Osun State, Nigeria.

Father: Who is Funmi Awelewa father? Funmi Awelewa dad is late. Funmi Awelewa Morili father died before her acting career kicked off.

Funmi Awelewa Mother: Who is Funmi Awelewa mother? Meet Funmi Awelewa mother Mrs Awelewa.

Photo of Funmi Awelewa mother

Siblings, Sister: Who is Funmi Awelewa sister? Funmi Awelewa younger sisters name is iambablow on Instagram and she is an Instagram brand Influencer, Brand ambassador and an amazing chef.

Picture of Funmi Awelewa Younger sister
Photo of Funmi Awelewa and her sister, iambablow

Sharing photos of her sister on her Instagram page, Funmi Awelewa wrote: 'Chai, see my kid sis as she fine💝🤭 @iambablow

My Mama born fresh and sexy Pikins'.

Twins: Is Funmi awelewa a twin? No, Funmi Awelewa is not a twin, no twin sister or brother. But Funmi Awelewa's kid sister looks like her twin sister but they are not twins. They even dress up in matching outfits like twins.

Picture of Funmi Awelewa and her sister looking like twins

Married: Is Funmi Awelewa married? Yes, Funmi Awelewa aka Morili is married to Oluwatosin Adexteecy, her real husband.

Picture of Funmi Awelewa and her real husband

Wedding Pictures: Funmi Awelewa had a secret wedding with her fiancé now husband, Oluwatosin Adexteecy.

Wedding Picture of Funmi Awelewa and her husband, Oluwatosin 'Adexteecy'

Funmi Awelewa shared pictures with her real husband, Oluwatosin 'Adexteecy' on April 13, 2021 and her colleagues and fans congratulated them.

Actress Yetunde Bakare wrote: "Congratulations.  Your joy shall be permanent Insha Allah."

Toyin Abraham reacting to loved up photos of Funmi Awelewa and her new Husband wrote: 

"e You look good together and cheers to a new beginning g. wish u well dear and wish u all I wish myself. Much lover"

Funmi Awelewa Real Husband, Name, Pictures: The name of Funmi Awelewa husband is Oluwatosin Aka Adexteecy.

Husband: Who is Funmi Awelewa Morili husband? Funmi Awelewa husband Oluwatosin Aka Adexteecy is a Nigerian fashion entrepreneur.

Photo of Funmi Awelewa and her husband kissing

Funmi Awelewa's Husband is from Ekiti state and he is a Chelsea fan.

Dating, Relationship, Fiancé, Boyfriend: Who is Funmi Awelewa boyfriend? The name of Funmi Awelewa boyfriend is Oluwatosin Aka Adexteecy but they are now married.

Child, Children, Baby: Does Funmi Awelewa have a child? Funmi Awelewa doesn't have a child yet.

Pregnant, Pregnancy: Is Funmi Awelewa pregnant? No, Funmi Awelewa is not yet pregnant. Her Pregnancy pictures were from movie set.

Funmi Awelewa Net Worth: Funmi Awelewa net worth is about $250,000 US Dollars in 2020, 2021.

House and Cars: Funmi Awelewa lives in a fine house and drives fine cars.

Photos of Funmi Awelewa House
Funmi Awelewa poses with her cars

Pictures of Funmi Awelewa cars

Hairstyle, Haircut: Funmi Awelewa rocks different stylish hair styles, blond, wigs, weaves.

Skin Colour, Bleaching Before And After Photos: Funmi Awelewa has a glowing skin. But did she bleach her skin? She uses her lightning products.

Funmi Awelewa in an Instagram post asked her fans;

"Which Of My Movies Made You Fall in Love With Me💘👇

Drop comment"

Her fan, Zanaat_ii reacted and commented about her skin: "Haaaaaaaa WOMAN WRATH your SKIN Made me love you .i didn't know you were even selling cream back them..But it really drew my attention I had to check out your page here on Instagram.. "

Surgery: Did Funmi Awelewa do surgery? No, Funmi Awelewa did not do any Plastic surgery.

Throwback Photos Of Funmi Awelewa Before And After Pictures: Funmi Awelewa shared her old throwback pictures on her Instagram page and wrote:

Old pictures of Funmi Awelewa before Fame

"Keep playing with her... just remember that no one is ugly. Plan dey, na money dey delay... Na why E good make person dey pray for GRACE and PEACE OF MIND.

If money enter lasan, Yasin😁 E go too pure! Cuz na kudi💰 dey bring correct packaging. See as everything just set🤩"

Funmi Awelewa Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Funmi Awelewa can be contacted via her Instagram page Account.

Funmi Awelewa Instagram Handle: Funmi Awelewa Instagram page Account Handle is.funmiawelewa. Funmi Awelewa currently has 1.7m followers on her Instagram page Account Profile.

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