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History Of Emma Emordi: Everything To Know About Emma Emordi Daniels Profile, Wife, Married, Divorce, Children, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Son

Who Is Emma Emordi?

Who is Emma Emordi Daniels

Emma Emordi (born 27 November 1980s) whose full name is Emma Emordi Daniels, is a handsome, lightskinned Nigerian born Nollywood actor, model, production manager and movie producer who is the ex husband of Mary Joy Okoye, younger sister of P'square - Peter and Paul Okoye.

About Emma Emordi Daniels Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Emma Emordi started his acting career while he was so young in the 2000s and has starred in so many Nollywood movies.

Emma Emordi Daniels and Ruby Ojiakor

Emma Emordi Daniels has worked with other top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Chinonso Arubayi, Regina Daniels, Tana Adelana, Mercy Johnson, Van Vicker, Georgena Ibeh, Chioma Chijioke Anosike, Somadina Adinma, Ifeoma Obinwa, Mary Igwe, Ebele Okaro Onyiuke, Kenechukwu Ezeh, Uju Okoli, Maleek Miltons, Rechael Okonkwo, Yul Edochie, Ruby Ojiakor, among others.

Pictures of Emma Emordi Daniels

Emma Emordi Movies: Emma Emordi Daniels movies are, Forever, My Marriage Fate, Cursed, Over The Limit, Covert Intension, Ojiugo My Love, Unbroken Home, Quest, Seminarian In Love, Prayer Request, Obinna, Ijeawele, Blind Spot, Beyond Secret, Cultural Clash, Chioma My Love, Goddess Of Fire, Feast Of Love, Infidelity, Omego, Bakayoko, My Reflection, My Mistake, The Ugly Scar, Never Saw Tomorow, The Gods Must Hear This, Without Remorse, Mila, My Hidden Enemy, Labour Of Love, Bond Of Siblings, Champions In The Village, Sisters In Love, Edwards Daughters, Fatal Error, Just Like Heaven, Rain Of Love, Unfaithful, Queen Rebecca, Osinachi My Wife, A Mother's Promise, Mud Of Pains, Rebirth, Marriage Rites, Feast Of Love, The Kings Pride, Corper Shun, River Goddess, Chimamanda The Fisher Girl, Pains Of Royalty, etc.

Emma Emordi and Chinonso Arubayi in 'Forever'

Photo of Emma Emordi Daniels and Ifeoma Obinwa

Emma Emordi Daniels Bio Profile Summary

Name: Emma Emordi Daniels

Full Name: Emmanuel Onyinyechukwu Emordi Daniels

Nickname: Don Skooly B

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Delta

Home Town, Village: Azungwu, Ogwashi Uku

Tribe: Delta - Igbo

Date Of Birth: 27 November 1980s

Birthday: 27th November

Age: 30+

Height: 5"6 feet tall

Complexion, Skin Colour: Fair, Lightskinned

Parents: Mr and Mrs Daniels

Relationship, Marital Status: Separated, Divorced

Divorced: Yes

Married: Yes but divorced

Wife: Mary Okoye

Ex Wife: Mary Joy Okoye

Remarried: No

Children, Child: 1 (son)

Emma Emordi Net Worth: $200,000 US Dollars

Instagram: emmaemordi.daniels 

Full Biography of Nollywood Actor Emma Emordi Daniels

State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe: Where is Emma Emordi Daniels from? Emma Emordi is a native of Azungwu, Ogwashi Uku in Delta State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Emma Emordi Daniels born? Emma Emordi was born on 27 November 1980s

Age: How old is Emma Emordi Daniels? Emma Emordi is in his 30s.

Height: How tall is Emma Emordi Daniels? Emma Emordi is about 5"6 feet tall.

Images of Emma Emordi Daniels standing tall

Educational Background: Emma Emordi Daniels is a graduate of Computer Science from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka

(Class of 2014)

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Emma Emordi Daniels was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Daniels in Delta State.

Siblings, Sister, Brother: Emma Emordi Daniels has other siblings - brothers and sisters.

Note: Emma Emordi Daniels and Regina Daniels are not related, not siblings or brothers and sisters.

Also, Emma Emordi and Ray Emodi are not brothers, they are not in anyway related.

Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Emma Emordi Daniels married? Emma Emordi got married to Mary Joy Okoye, Peter and Paul Okoye's younger sister on 6th of August 2014 in Asaba.

Emma Emordi Daniels and Mary Okoye Wedding Pictures in 2014

Wife: Who is Emma Emordi Daniels wife? Are they still married? Mary Okoye is the name of Emma Emordi's wife but they are no more married. 

Picture of Emma Emordi Daniels wife (ex wife) Mary Okoye

Ex Wife, Divorce: Emma Emordi Daniels ex wife is Mary Joy Okoye, P'square Mr P and Rudeboy sister but their Marriage has crashed over cheating, theft allegations and Irreconcilable differences. Emma Emordi Daniels and his ex wife, Mary Okoye are now divorced.

Child, Son, Children: Emma Emordi Daniels has one child, a son with his ex wife Mary Okoye. The name of Emma Emordi and Mary Okoye Son us Derek.

Picture of Derek, Emma Emordi Daniels son

Emma Emordi Daniels Son, Derek Birthday

Photos of Emma Emordi child

Emma Emordi son, Derek Emordi Daniels celebrated his 6th birthday on 16 February 2021.

Salary, Net Worth: Emma Emordi Daniels Net Worth is estimated at $200,000 US Dollars in 2020, 2021.

House and Cars: Emma Emordi Daniels drives nice cars.

Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Emma Emordi Daniels can be contacted via his Instagram page Account and Facebook.

Instagram: Emma Emordi Daniels Instagram name and Handle Ven. Emma Onyinyechukwu Emordi emmaemordi.daniels. Emma Emordi currently has 64.9k followers on his Instagram page Account Profile as at 8th June 2021.

12 THINGS TO REMEMBER By Emma Emordi Daniels

1. The past cannot be changed.

2. Opinion don't define your reality.

3. Everyone's journey is different.

4. Things always gets better in God's time.

5. Judgements are a confession of character.

6. Overthinking will lead to sadness.

7. Happiness is found with God.

8. Positive thoughts, creates positive things.

9. Smiles are contagious.

10. Kindness is free.

11. You only fail if you quite.

12. What God plans for you, comes around.

Meet My 'Father' - Emma Emordi Celebrates Ernest Obi

'It’s not your birthday sir but I will always celebrate you... my father, my father.. may God continue to bless you for me... a humble, honourable man... with so much respect and truthfulness... a man who taught me to be truthful no matter the situation... taught me to respect women and any one around me be it man or woman..

I learn a lot from you each day I have any encounter with you... won’t forget to celebrate your beautiful wife @eviernestobi mama you are the best... your marriage is already a blessing, your children around your table, you will see your children children, thus says the lord of Host... what more can I say but thank you so much for the fatherly love and advice... God bless the day I met you... your advice and guardians has brought me this far... na man you be biko... don’t care what any one say but I can’t help it but love you.... I love you my father... ladies and gentlemen meet my father @ernestobimindset an enigma, the man against at all odds believed in me... can go on and on. But let me stop here.... thanks a lot my father.. I owe you a lot sir...'

Throwback Photos Of Emma Emordi Daniels: Checkout Old Throwback pictures of Emma Emordi.

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