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Who Is Chris Egwu?

Chris Egwu (born 11 September 1990s) aka Chris Trager is a Nigerian born businessman and the younger brother of Nollywood star actor, Zubby Michael.

Zubby Michael and Chris Egwu: Twin Brothers Some think that Chris Egwu is the twin brother of Zubby Michael due to the striking resemblance between them but Zubby Michael doesn't have a twin brother. Chris Egwu is actually Zubby Michael's biological kid brother and not his twin brother.

Pictures of Zubby Michael and his brother, Chris Egwu

About Chris Egwu Wiki Profile Bio Data

Name: Chris Egwu 

Nickname: Chris Trager

Full Name: Chris Chidi Egwu

State Of Origin: Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Languages: Hausa, Igbo, English

Date Of Birth: 11 September 1990s

Birthday: 11th September

Age: 20+

Net Worth: $75,000 US Dollars

Instagram: chris_trager_

Facebook Name: Chris Trager on Facebook

Height: 5"5 feet tall

Parents: Mr and Mrs Egwu

Siblings: Zubby Michael, Cynthia Egwu, Sheiley Egwu, Mary Slimsugar, Stanley Egwu

Educational Background: Chris Egwu went for NYSC in 2017 as Osun Corper after he graduated from the University.

Age: How old is Chris Egwu, Zubby Michael's brother? Chris Egwu, Zubby Michael younger brother is in his late 20s.

Chris Egwu Family Pictures, Parents: Meet Chris Egwu Parents, Father and Mother photos

Siblings, Brothers And Sisters: The names of Chris Egwu siblings are Zubby Michael, Cynthia Egwu, Sheiley Egwu, Mary Slimsugar, Stanley Egwu.

Chris Egwu elder and younger sisters are married.
Photo of Mary Slimsugar, Chris Egwu and Zubby Michael Sister

Photo of Sheiley Egwu, Zubby Michael and Chris Egwu sister

Picture of Cynthia Egwu, Zubby Michael and Chris Egwu Younger sister

Wife: Is Chris Egwu, Zubby Michael's Brother married? No, Chris Egwu is not yet married.

Chris Egwu and Regina Daniels Photo 

Girlfriend: Who is Chris Egwu girlfriend? Chris Egwu has a girlfriend she is dating but hardly flaunts his relationship.

Net Worth: Chris Egwu Net Worth is about $75,000 US Dollars.

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