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Who is Chikamso Ozonigbo?
Who is Chikamso Nwa Ezendiala?

Who is Chikamso Ejiofor?

Chikamso Ejiofor Aka Ozonigbo (born 6 March 1994) is a diminutive pint-sized Nigerian born Nollywood star actor and comedian who has featured in many Nollywood movies.

Chikamso Ozonigbo's Instagram page Account Profile Bio reads:

🔸nollywood actor
🔸Nwa eze ndiala
🔸Child of grace
🔸Pisces King
🔸blessed child
🔸For bookings and enquiries 👇🏽
📧: [email protected]'

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About Chikamso Ejiofor Career, Occupation, Life History & Story (When Did Chikamso Ejiofor Start Acting, How Did He Join Nollywoodz In What Year?)

Chikamso Ejiofor is a young talented Nollywood actor who is also known as Ozonigbo, NwaEzendiala, Sunnyboy, Ntu

Chikamso Ejiofor popularly known as Chikamso Ozonigbo was discovered by Anaele Ugochukwu Dominic who often features him in his Rockcelly Films.
Chikamso Ejiofor Pictures

Anaele Ugochukwu Dominic who is a Nigerian born filmmaker, executive producer and the CEO of ROCKCELLY FILMS LTD, has been featuring Chikamso Ejiofor in his many movies since he discovered Ozonigbo.

Chikamso Ejiofor started acting when he featured in his first Nollywood movie theater titled "Nwa Ezendiala", an Anaele Ugochukwu Dominic ROCKCELLY FILMS production.
Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo was Zubby Michael child, son in the movie. 

Anaele Ugochukwu Dominic has continued to  feature Chikamso Ejiofor in his movies and the young actor is ever grateful to his benefactor.

Writing about his first Nollywood movie, Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo, in a throwback post, wrote:

"My first movie NWA EZENDIALA
@rockcellyfilms 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢
@zubbymichael 🧢🧢🧢
I can't forget this movie in my life
@rockcellyfilms  odogwu"

Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo has acted alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Zubby Michael, Esther Okorie, Princess Njideka Okeke, Ify Ezeh, Akachi Max, Amarachi Igidimbah, Patience Ozokwor, Mac Collins Chidiebe, TC Okafor, Charles Okocha, Diamond Okechi, Harry B Anyanwu, Odira Nwobu, Chizzy Alichi, Evan Okoro, among others.

Photos of Chikamso Ejiofor on movie set

Movies: Chikamso Ejiofor movies include, Ozonigbo, Mad Over You, My Snake Wife, Bosco, Junior Shina Rambo, Reborn For Avoke, Commissioner Happiness, Sweet and Tomtom, Nwa Eze Ndi-Ala, My Family Gang, Disco Dancers, Sunny Boy, Ntu, Ndi Obodo, Problem Child, Billionaire Gang, Anaconda, among others.

About Chikamso Ejiofor Bio Data & Profile

Name: Chikamso Ejiofor

Full Name: Chikamso Daniel Ejiofor

Nickname (s): Ozonigbo, Nwa Ezendiala, Sunny Boy, Ntu

Manager: Chikamso Ejiofor former manager's name is Chinelo Ozojide, his cousin (It seems like they have parted ways)
Pictures of Chikamso Ejiofor manager and cousin sister, Chinelo Ozojide

Nationality: Chikamso Ejiofor is from Nigeria (a Nigerian)

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Chikamso Ejiofor from, Which state? Chikamso Ejiofor is Igbo by tribe and hails from South East State in Nigeria.

Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo was born on 6th March 1994.

Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo Real Age: How many years old is Chikamso Ejiofor? How old is Chikamso Ejiofor now, How old is Chikamso Ozonigbo?
Chikamso Ozonigbo Ejiofor is currently 27 years old now as at 2021 when he celebrated his birthday on March 6, 2021.

Body Size, Physique: Chikamso Ejiofor is fat, small-sized, plus-sized.

Dwarf: Chikamso Ejiofor is like Aki and Pawpaw, Chinedu Ikedieze & Osita Iheme size.
Osita Iheme Pawpaw is taller than Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo

Height: How tall is Chikamso Ejiofor? Chikamso Ozonigbo is about 4"1 inches tall in height.
Pictures of Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo standing short at about 4'1 Feet tall.

Voice, Cheek, Face: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo's fat cheeks and small child voice stand him out.

Child or Adult: Chikamso is not a child as some may think, he is an adult in his 20s.

Educational Background, School: Chikamso Ejiofor is done with his primary and secondary school education.

Family, Siblings, Sisters, Brother: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ejiofor. Chikamso Ejiofor has shared pictures of his family, his sister and mum.
Picture of Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo and his sister

Mother: Who is Chikamso Ejiofor mother, pictures? Meet Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo real biological mother, Mrs Ejiofor. Sharing photo of his real mum on Instagram to celebrate mothering Sunday, Chikamso Ejiofor wrote:
Picture of Chikamso Ejiofor real biological mother

"Happy mothering Sunday to my mama ozo n lgbo 1. mum I promised to make u proud one day, sorry I can't make it up to be wit u today but I believe next year will be great. May God bless and keep u safe for me, dix is just d beginning of my blessings."

Chikamso Ejiofor Real Father: Who is the real, biological father of Chikamso Ozonigbo? Chikamso Ejiofor real father is Mr Ejiofor, a businessman.
Chikamso Ejiofor has not shared photos of his real, biological father as he shared that of his mom.

Chikamso Ejiofor And Zubby Michael: Is Zubby Michael the father of Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo? The father of Chikamso Ejiofor was Zubby Michael in 'Nwa Eze Ndiala' movie, but Zubby Michael is not the Real father Chikamso Ejiofor.
Zubby Michael and Chikamso Ejiofor Pictures

Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Chikamso Ejiofor got married to Rubby Orjiakor on set

Married: Is Chikamso Ejiofor married in real life? No, Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo is not yet married in real life.

Wife: Who is Chikamso Ejiofor wife, name, pictures? Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo does not have a real wife yet as he is yet to unveil his wife to be.

Girlfriend: Who is Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo girlfriend, name, pictures? Chikamso Ejiofor has a girlfriend but has not revealed who his girlfriend is and her name.

Relationship, Dating, Fianceé, Engaged: Is Chikamso Ejiofor in a relationship, dating, engaged? Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo has not revealed his love life to the public.

Net Worth: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo net worth is about $120,000 US Dollars in 2020, 2021.

House and Cars: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo lives in his parents house. But it's NaijaCelebBio cannot confirm if Chikamso Ejiofor has bought a car of his own or not.

Dead Or Alive: Is Chikamso Ejiofor dead? Chikamso Ejiofor aka Ozonigbo is not dead but alive. Chikamso Ejiofor death rumour started after he suddenly disappeared from Instagram. He lost his Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Chikamso Ejiofor Quotes:

"Every person born into this world, represents something new. Something that has never existed before... Something original and unique...

We are all unique in our differences
Embrace your worth..
Kings are made not born" - Chikamso Ozonigbo

"Family is not always blood. It's about who is  willing to hold your hand when you need it the most.

One love guys! Keep holding my hand Famz!" - Chikamso Ejiofor

"Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.

So embrace today's peace and let tomorrow take care of itself..
Ozonigbo loves you all..." - Chikamso Ejiofor

Chikamso Ejiofor Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo can be contacted via his Email address [email protected] and through his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Instagram: Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo new real instagram account name, handle is realchikamso_ejiofor realchikamso_ejiofor. Chikamso Ejiofor lost his first Instagram page Account Profile Handle but has now got a new Instagram page Account.
Chikamso Ejiofor opened his new instagram Account on 11th February 2021 and currently has 3,672 followers as at 3rd June 2021.

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Chikamso Ozonigbo state of origin
Chikamso Ozonigbo is from which state

How old is Chikamso Ozonigbo?
Who is Chikamso Ozonigbo?
How many years old is Chikamso Ejiofor?

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