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History Of Adaeze Onuigbo: Everything To Know About Adaeze Onuigbo Profile, Boyfriend, Height, Real Mother Oby Onuigbo, Father, Family, Parents, Siblings

Biography, Wikipedia: Who Is Adaeze Onuigbo?

Adaeze Onuigbo (born 2 September 2008) is a beautiful Nigerian born Nollywood actress, model, dancer and Instagram brand Influencer who started out as a child actor.

Adaeze Onuigbo's Instagram page account Profile Bio reads:






🌟FACE of Anambra beautiful kids


About Adaeze Onuigbo Career, Occupation, Life History & Story

Adaeze Onuigbo is a teenage Nollywood actress and model who started her acting career at age 5 and her modelling career as a child model. Adaeze Onuigbo's mother, Oby Onuigbo who is also an actress used to take her to movie locations, from there, movie producers discovered her and started featuring her as a kid actor.

Stunning Pictures Of Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo was First Runner Up Anambra Beautiful Kids, FACE of Anambra Beautiful Kids, The Heritage Children Fashion Show Ambassador. She also contested for Little Miss Damsel Nigeria 2019.

Adaeze Onuigbo has acted alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as Ifedi Sharon, Regina Daniels, Jim Iyke, Destiny Etiko, Stanley Igboanugo, Patience Ozokwor, Esther Audu, Ebele Okaro, Kanayo O Kanayo, Chizzy Alichi, Sam Dede, Nosa Rex, Tessy Diamond, Pete Edochie, Tana Adelana, Nkechi Nweje, Mercy Johnson, Mercy Kenneth, Onny Michael, Obi Okoli, Toosweet Annan, Ken Erics, Chinenye Nnebe, among others.

Throwback photo of Adaeze Onuigbo and Ken Erics

Photo of Adaeze Onuigbo and With King David, Nollywood child actor

Movies: Adaeze Onuigbo movies include, Everything But a Child, Tears Of An Innocent Child, Governor's Kidnap, Parental Gift, Missing, The Heart That Lies, Crazy Widow, Hunted Pedigrees, Devil's Harem, The Messanger, Bitterness Of Life, Without A Son, After She Left, Egg Of Love, Sonye and Good Friday, among others.

Awards: Adaeze Onuigbo has won some awards, one of them was the SRTV media award as the Most Famous Kid Actor, in December 2020.

Celebrating her award, the elated Adaeze Onuigbo shared pictures from the award ceremony and wrote:

"I THANK God Almighty for this beautiful Award From @srtvmedia, As the Most Famous kid Actor, I thank All My Fans All Over the world for your support, prayers and for Voting for me, I also thank My Super Mum for her prayers and support, My aunties and Uncle's  that came through, May the good Lord protect you All, guide you all AND May Celebration Never Cease in your homes in Jesus Name Amen."

Adaeze Onuigbo Bio Profile Data Summary

Name: Adaeze Onuigbo

Full Name: Adaeze Angel Onuigbo

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 2 September 2008

Birthday: 2 September

Age: 13 years (as at 2021)

Occupation: Actress, Model

Height: 5"5 feet tall

Net Worth: $70,000 US Dollars

Parents: Mr and Mrs Patrick & Oby Onuigbo

Real Father: Mr Patrick Onuigbo

Real Mother: Oby Onuigbo

Relationship Status: Single

Boyfriend: None

Husband: None

Married: No

Adaeze Onuigbo Instagram: adaeze.onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo Full Biography, Wikipedia

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Adaeze Onuigbo from, which state? Adaeze Onuigbo hails from Anambra state, Nigeria.

Adaeze Onuigbo is Igbo by tribe.

Date of Birth, Birthday, Age: Adaeze Onuigbo was born on 2nd September 2008 in Anambra State, South East part of Nigeria.

Real Age: How old is Adaeze Onuigbo? Adaeze Onuigbo is currently 13 years old in 2021. She celebrated her 12 birthday in September 2020 with stunning makeup pictures.

Hot and Beautiful New Pictures of Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo Birthday: Adaeze Onuigbo celebrated her 13th birthday on 2nd September 2021.

Adaeze Onuigbo Height: How tall is Adaeze Onuigbo? Adaeze Onuigbo is 5"5 feet tall. She is still growing. In a recent Instagram video, actress Chizzy Alichi talked about how Adaeze Onuigbo has grown taller, almost getting to her height.

Pictures of Adaeze Onuigbo Standing tall

Educational Background, School, Class, University: Adaeze Onuigbo is currently in secondary school in class SS 2. She will soon write her WAEC and graduate from Secondary School before proceeding to the university.

Sharing Adaeze Onuigbo's picture in her school uniform, her actress mum, Oby Onuigbo wrote: 

"Goodluck my love, Retentive Memory I ask oh Lord πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™❤️❤️❤️πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–❤️πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Family: Adaeze Onuigbo was born in Anambra State into the family of Mr and Mrs Onuigbo her parents. Nothing much is known about her siblings - brother and sister.

Picture of Adaeze Onuigbo, Obi Okoli and Onny Michael on set

Real Parents: Who are the parents of Adaeze Onuigbo? The names of Adaeze Onuigbo's biological parents are Mr Patrick Onuigbo (father) and Mrs Oby Onuigbo (mother) from Anambra state Nigeria.

Fine Image of Adaeze Onuigbo and her real biological mother Mrs Oby Onuigbo who is also a Nollywood actress

Father: Who is Adaeze Onuigbo father, name, pictures? The name of Adaeze Onuigbo's real father is Patrick Onuigbo who is a Nigerian businessman from Anambra state. Adaeze Onuigbo doesn't like to share photos of her dad on Instagram as she shares her mom's pictures.

Photo of Adaeze Onuigbo and Kanayo O Kanayo, her father in 'Kidnapped Governor' movie

Mother: Who is Adaeze Onuigbo mother, name, pictures? Adaeze Onuigbo real mother's name is Oby Onuigbo. Oby Onuigbo is a Nollywood actress who introduced her daughter, Adaeze Onuigbo into acting at an early age of 5.

Picture of Oby Onuigbo, Adaeze Onuigbo Real mother

Pictures of Adaeze Onuigbo and her biological mother, Oby Onuigbo

Pictures of Adaeze Onuigbo and her mother

Photos of Oby Onuigbo and her daughter, Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo and her mother, Oby Onuigbo have featured in same movie together. They both featured in the movie titled 'Bitterness Of Life' and others.

Celebrating her real mother, on Mother's Day, Adaeze Onuigbo wrote:

"Happy Mother's Sunday to My Sweet Mom @oby.onuigbo, AND All the Super Mothers All Over the world, May the good Lord protect you All, Bless you All, May you All Live To Enjoy The Friuts Of your LABOURS in Jesus Name Amen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™"

Siblings, Sisters, Brother: Adaeze Onuigbo has other siblings - brother and sister. The names of Adaeze Onuigbo's sister and brother are not available.

Meet Adaeze Onuigbo younger sister.

Pictures of Adaeze Onuigbo younger sister and their mom

Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Adaeze Onuigbo married? No, Adaeze Onuigbo is not yet married. She is still a little teen girl. So marriage is far from her for now.

Actress Chizzy Alichi jokingly told Adaeze Onuigbo that she would soon get married because she was surprised to see her all grown after a long time of working with her.

Boyfriend: Who is Adaeze Onuigbo boyfriend, name? Does Adaeze Onuigbo have a boyfriend? Adaeze Onuigbo doesn't have any boyfriend yet. She is still quite young for that.

Adaeze Onuigbo Poses with director, Chukwuebuka Onuma.

Dating, Relationship: Is Adaeze Onuigbo in a relationship, Who is Adaeze Onuigbo dating? No, Adaeze Onuigbo is not in a relationship or dating.

Net Worth: Adaeze Onuigbo net worth is about $70,000 US Dollars in 2021, 2022.

House and Cars: Adaeze Onuigbo lives in her parents' house and rides in her parent's cars.

Pictures of Adaeze Onuigbo Posing at home with their car

Religion, Church: Adaeze recently took her first Holy Communion, shared photos and wrote:

Image of Adaeze Onuigbo and her mum at her first communion

"My First Holy Communion Was Successful, I Return All The Glory To God. Blessed Sunday Everyone."

Twin Sister: Does Adaeze Onuigbo have a twin sister? No, she doesn't. Adaeze Onuigbo shared a picture of Fumnanya, whom she called her twin sister, after they took a Holy Communion for the first time and wrote;

Photos of Adaeze Onuigbo and her 'Twin Sister', FUMNANYA

"WITH MY TWIN SISTER FUMNANYA, I LOVE YOU SISTER πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–❤️❤️πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–❤️πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹"

Adaeze Onuigbo Celebrates Children's Day

"Happy Children's day to us, The Leaders of Tomorrow, I pray for All the Children All Over the World, We will not Lack, We will not die Young, We will live to take care of our parents and guidance When they are old, the Lord will always provide for Our needs, He will protect us from Every danger, he will guide our steps, he will always Make a way where there is no way , NO evil will come near us, Sickness will not come near Us, We will grow in the Love, Wisdom, knowledge, understanding and grace of God. No power can STOP us in Jesus Name Amen and Amen. CHILD OF GRACE LOVES YOU ALL. " - She wrote.

Swimsuit, Bikini Pictures: Adaeze Onuigbo shared photos of her wearing swimsuit while she went to swim in a swimming pool.

Hairstyles: Adaeze Onuigbo rocks different kinds of stylish hair styles and simple hairstyles too.

Makeup Pictures of Adaeze Onuigbo

Childhood Old Throwback Photos Of Adaeze Onuigbo: Checkout child hood picture of Adaeze Onuigbo

Adaeze Onuigbo before and after Photos (Childhood vs Teenage Pictures)

Adaeze Onuigbo real Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Adaeze Onuigbo has not shared her WhatsApp number and real phone number. She can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile.

Instagram: Adaeze Onuigbo Instagram Handle is adaeze.onuigbo. Adaeze Onuigbo currently has over 456k followers on her Instagram page Account Profile as at the time of writing this article.

Photos of Adaeze Onuigbo without makeup on her face

Latest, Recent New Pictures, Images Photos Gallery Of Adaeze Onuigbo

Hot, Sexy Picture of Adaeze Onuigbo

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Patrick Onuigbo (father) Oby Onuigbo (mother

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