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Profile History Of Jeiel Damina: What To Know About Jeiel Damina and Emmanuel Esiet Relationship

Bio, Wiki: Who Is Jeiel Damina?

Jeiel Damina whose full name is Princess Jeiel Jewel Damina (born 4 September 2002) is a beautiful Nigerian born Nollywood actress, singer, writer and digital content creator.

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Jeiel Damina is also an Instagram brand Influencer and a co-founder of Neptune3 Studios which she founded with her sisters.

About Jeiel Damina Bio Date Profile

Name: Jeiel Damina

Full Name: Princess Jeiel Jewel Damina

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Kaduna State

Home Town: Lere

Tribe: Lere/Hausa

Date Of Birth: 4 September 2002

Birthday: 4th September

Age: 19 years old (as at 2021)

Height: 5"5 feet and inches tall

Relationship Status: Single

Married: No

Husband: No

Boyfriend: Emmanuel Esiet (Rumoured)

Religion: Christian

School, University: Full Sail University

Parents: Pastor Abel Damina & Rachel Damina

Father: Pastor Dr. Abel Damina

Mother: Dr Rachel Damina

Siblings, Sisters: Jemima Damina & Jesimiel Damina

Instagram Name & Handle: jeieldamina:

Net Worth: $100,000 US Dollars

Jeiel Damina Full Biography Wikipedia Details

Jeiel Damina State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe, Village: Where is Jeiel Damina from? Is Jeiel Damina Hausa? Jemima Damina is hails from Lere, Kaduna State. Jeiel Damina and her family have lived all their lives in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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Jeiel Damina Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: How old is Jeiel Damina? Jeiel Damina was born on 4th September 2002. Jeiel Damina is currently 18 years old.

Jeiel Damina will celebrate her 19th birthday in September 2021.

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Jeiel Damina Height: Jeiel Damina is about 5"5 feet tall.

Education, School, University: Jeiel Damina is currently in University after her primary and secondary school. The name of Jeiel Damina university is Full Sail University.

Jeiel Damina attended Bright Stars Model Secondary School (B.S.M.S.S)  in Uyo. She is currently studying Creative Writing (BFA) at Full Sail University.

Family: Jeiel Damina is from a family of 5, including 3 children and their parents.

Family pictures of Jeiel Damina with her parents and siblings
Jeiel Damina Family photos with her sisters and their parents

Parents: Who are the parents of Jeiel Damina? Jeiel Damina parents names are Pastor Dr. Abel Damina and Rachel Damina.

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Image of Jeiel Damina Parents - Dad and Mom

Jeiel Damina Father: Jeiel Damina father whose name is Abel Damina, is a pastor at Power City International Church in Uyo.

Photo of Jeiel Damina Pastor Father

Jeiel Damina Mother: Jeiel Damina mother is called Dr Rachel Abel Damina, a pastor's wife.

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Jeiel Damina dad, Pastor Abel Damina, while celebrating the birthday of his wife, her mum, wrote:

"Dr Rachel Abel Damina - 

Please Join me to celebrate my wife and partner for life, my co laborer in the Gospel of Christ! The wife of my youth! 

The woman who has resolved for over 30 years now and still counting, to preach the truth of the Gospel of Christ with me in spite of and irrespective of the cost of fulfilling this mandate! 

Together we are flooding the blue marble planet with the fragrance of Christ. I’m blessed having you to jointly do this assignment, because you are a perfect friend, wife, partner and minister of Christ!

Many more years of labouring tirelessly in the gospel, unmovable, unstoppable always abounding in the work of the Lord, strengthened with might by his spirit in the inner man, delivered from wicked and unreasonable men, and eternally preserved and equipped for this high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 

I love you forever!!!!"

Siblings, Sisters Names, Pictures: Jeiel Damina has two elder sisters named - Jemima Damina and Damina Jesimiel. 

Pictures of Jeiel Damina and her sisters

The 3 sisters - Jeiel Damina, Jemima Damina and Damina Jesimiel founded Neptune3 Studios and have produced, directed, and written Best Friends In The World and Table for Two; A Series of First Dates.

Brother: Jeiel Damina has no brother.

Relationship, Dating: Is Jeiel Damina in a relationship? Who is Jeiel Damina dating? Jeiel Damina keeps her relationship, dating life private. It's not clear if Jeiel Damina is in a relationship yet.

Marriage, Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Jeiel Damina married? Jeiel Damina is not yet married and doesn't have a Fiancé yet. She's still quite young for marriage.

Husband: Who is Jeiel Damina husband? Jeiel Damina doesn't have a husband yet. She still has her career, education ahead of her.

Boyfriend: Does Jeiel Damina have a boyfriend? Who is Jeiel Damina boyfriend? What is the name of Jeiel Damina boyfriend? Some think that the name of Jeiel Damina boyfriend is Emmanuel Esiet but Jeiel Damina has said she doesn't have a boyfriend.

 "I don't have a boyfriend" Jeiel Damina said in a YouTube Interview.

About Jeiel Damina and Emmanuel Esiet Relationship (What To Know)

Cute picture of Emmanuel Esiet and Jeiel Damina

Jeiel Damina and Emmanuel Esiet: Are Jeiel Damina and Emmanuel Esiet dating? Is Emmanuel Esiet boyfriend of Jeiel Damina? Is Jeiel Damina girlfriend of Emmanuel Esiet? Jeiel Damina and Emmanuel Esiet are not dating, they are only co-actors who featured together in 'Best Friends In The World'.

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Movies: Jeiel Damina movies are Best Friends In The World and Table for Two; A Series of First Dates.

Songs: Jeiel Damina songs with her sisters' include, Like Lightning, Like a Girl, The Only Way, This Is Forever, Angels, Jesus & Nothing Else, From Your Heart, 24/7, Come Home, Complete Again, Story, Undefeatable, among others.

Music, Musician, Singer: is Jeiel Damina a singer? Yes, Jeiel Damina is a singer.

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Jeiel Damina Net Worth: How much is Jeiel Damina net worth? Jeiel Damina net worth is estimated at $100,000 US Dollars (hundred thousand US Dollars).

House and Cars: Jeiel Damina lives in her parents' home and just started learning how to drive cars after she turned 18.

Jeiel Damina Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: How to meet Jeiel Damina or contact her is through her Instagram page Account.

Jeiel Damina Instagram: Jeiel Damina Instagram page Account Profile Handle jeieldamina. Jeiel Damina currently has 217k followers on her Instagram page as at the time of writing this article (5th May 2021).

Jeiel Damina Facebook: Jeiel Damina Facebook name is Jeiel Damina. Jeiel Damina announced her Facebook page on her Instagram account and said:

"Guys, I AM NOW ON FACEBOOK! 🥳 I created this account because I need to connect with y’all on Facebook & stop the fraudsters from tricking people. That being said, follow the link in my bio to access the right page, let’s party! 🧡🧡🧡 📸: @jemidamina"

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