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Latest Instagram Photos: Biography Of Tana Egbo-Adelana & Her Husband, Femi Adelana Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Wedding Pictures, Birthday, Family, Children, House, Cars, Parents, Daughter, Sister, State Of Origin, Tribe, Tana Adelana And Femi Adelana Husband & Wife Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History of Tana Adelana & Femi Adelana: Everything To Know About Tana Adelana & Husband, Femi Adelana, Net Worth, Wedding, Family, Children, Marriage

Who Is Tana Adelena Husband Femi Adelana? Pictures, Biography, Age, Birthday

Who Is Tana Adelana?

Tana Adelana also known as Tana Egbo-Adelana (born 24 December 1984) is a Nigerian model, Nollywood actress and entrepreneur.

Femi Adelana Biography, Age, Femi Adelana Photos, Femi Adelana Instagram Account, Wife, Femi Adelana Wedding Pictures, Wikipedia, Femi Adelana Net Worth, State Of Origin

Who Is Femi Adelana?

Femi Adelana is a Nigerian born Entrepreneur and businessman who is the handsome husband of beautiful Nollywood actress, Tana Adelana.

Femi Adelana Photo (Picture Of Tana Adelana real Husband, Femi Adelana)

Femi Adelana Photos, Pictures Of Tana Adelana Husband: Before, it was only one picture of Femi Adelana that was on the internet. This was when his actress wife, Tana Adelana shared Femi Adelana photo with her but hiding her husband's face to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Pictures of Femi Adelana - Tana Adelana Husband

Femi Adelana State Of Origin, Tribe: Where is Femi Adelana, Tana Adelana from? Femi Adelana is Yoruba, from South West State, Nigeria.

Height: Femi Adelana is 6' feet tall.

Net Worth: Femi Adelana net worth is about $800,000 US Dollars.

Wife: Who is Femi Adelana wife? Femi Adelana is married to Tana Adelana, nee Egbo, a beautiful Nollywood actress and they are blessed with children.

Femi Adelana House, Cars: Femi Adelana has nice cars and lives in a mansion with his wife and children.

Tana Adelana Finally Shares Pictures of Femi Adelana, Her Husband At Her Grandma's Burial: After many years, Nollywood actress, Tana Adelana finally unveiled her husband by showing the face of her husband, Femi Adelana.

Femi Adelana Instagram, Facebook Account, Name: Tana Adelana Husband, Femi Adelana does not have an Instagram account, Facebook account or Twitter account. Femi Adelana and his wife Tana Egbo-Adelana are private persons.

About Tana Adelana Full Biography, Wikipedia, Husband, Children, Parents, Career, Life History, Story

Tana Adelana joined Nollywood in 2011 when she started her acting career and today, she is one of the most Sought-after Nigerian actress in Asaba, Enugu and Lagos. She features well in ROK TV movies.

Beautiful Pictures of Tana Adelana
Tana Adelana Photos

Tana Adelana has acted alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as Ebele Okaro, Ngozi Ezeonu, Destiny Etiko, Toosweet Anan, Walter Anga, Frank Tana, Stanley Igboanugo, Bimbo Ademoye, Uzor Arukwe, Jerry Williams, Ugezu J Ugezu, Ayo Adesanya, Wole Ojo, Frederick Leonard, Bolanle Ninalowo, Mr Macaroni, Jerry Williams, among others

Tana Adelana and Bolanle Ninalowo Pictures

Tana Adelana and Mr Macaroni

Tana Adelana Movies: Tana Adelana has featured in many Nollywood movies such as Secret Of Wealth, Suga Suga, Mafia Kingdom, The Influencer, Bridges, Missing, The Man Is Mine, My Wife My Life, Funeral Arraignment, Together As One, Love Bane, Beyond My Desire, In Your Arms, Nwando, among others.

Tana Adelana and Frank Tana Pictures: Are Tana Adelana and Frank Tana related? No, Tana Adelana and Frank Tana are not related, not siblings, not husband and wife.

Pictures of Frank Tana

Frank Tana and Tana Adelana are just colleagues who happen to bear same name 'Tana'. 

Photo of Frank Tana and Tana Adelana on the set of 'Secret Of Wealth' movie.

Name: Tana Adelana nee Egbo

Tana Adelana Full Name, Real Name: Christiana Nkemdilim Adelana

Nationality: Tana Adelana is a Nigerian from Nigeria.

Tana Adelana State Of Origin: Where is Tana Adelana from? Tana Adelana is from Enugu State Nigeria.

Tribe, Village, Hometown: Tana Adelana is Igbo by tribe and a native of Nara Unateze in Nkanu East Local government area of Enugu state, Nigeria.

Tana Adelana is Originally Igbo but married to a Yoruba man, her husband, Femi Adelana.

Tana Adelana Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Tana Adelana was born on 24th December 1984.

Tana Adelana Age: How old is Tana Adelana? Tana Adelana is currently 36 years old as at 2021. 

Tana Adelana will celebrate her 37th birthday on December 24, 2021.

Tana Adelana Height: How tall is Tana Adelana? Tana Adelana is about 5"7 feet tall in height.

Pictures of Tana Adelana Standing tall

Tana Adelana Without Makeup Pictures: Photo of Tana Adelana not wearing makeup. No makeup images of Tana Adelana.

Tana Adelana makeup Free Face Photos

Hairstyle, Haircut, Short Hair: Tana Adelana rocks different styles of hair from wigs, to lowcut blond, weaves, and more.

Bikini Pictures Of Tana Adelana: Tana Adelana slays in hot bikini, swimsuit photos.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Tana Adelana is the last child of 10 children, born to Mr and Mrs Egbo.

Mother: Who is Tana Adelana mother? Photos of Tana Adelana's mother, Mrs Egbo.

Meet Tana Adelana mother (Pictures of Tana Adelana real mother)

Photo of Tana Egbo-Adelana with her Mother and her sister.

Tana Adelana Siblings, Sister, Brother: Tana Adelana has 9 siblings - sisters and brothers. Tana Adelana family pictures

Pictures of Tana Adelana brothers, Siblings

Tana Adelana Sister: Meet Tana Adelana lookalike sister

Photo of Tana Adelana and her sister

Married, Wedding Pictures - Tana Adelana and Femi Adelana Wedding Pictures: Tana Adelana, Igbo, got married to a Yoruba man, named Femi Adelana in 2007.

Tana Adelana and Femi Adelana did their wedding on 16 September 2007 but have not shared their wedding photos with the public.

Husband: Who is Tana Adelana husband, name, pictures? Tana Adelana is married to her husband called Femi Adelana, a young, handsome Yoruba man.

Tana Adelana kisses her husband, Femi Adelana
New Picture of Tana Adelana and her husband, Femi Adelana

Sharing pictures of her husband, Femi Adelana, Tana Adelana wrote:

"I choose you all again and again and again in my next life! 🤍"

Children, Child, Kids, Baby Son: Tana Adelana and Femi Adelana have two children, fine kids.

Tana Adelana Daughter: Who is Tana Adelana daughter, name and age, pictures of Tana Adelana and Femi Adelana child?

Tana Adelana Grandmother Death & Burial: Tana Adelana's grandma, Dame Eunice Edeh nee Chifu Egbo who died in April 2021 at age 97 has been buried.

Writing about the death and burial of her grandmother, Tana Adelana said:

" I just need strength.. the strength to go on... My heart is shredded into tiny little pieces. The night has come in the day time. 💔

But in everything, I thank you Lord. We cannot question you, for you are the giver and taker of life, the Alpha and Omega.

"God, Thank you for this precious gift you gave to me, Sadly, I know some didn’t get to enjoy their grandmas but I got the absolute best and I didn’t want it to end. I beat my chest to say I had the best grandma in the world. I thank you Lord.

Without a doubt, I know she’s resting in your bosom for there’s no other befitting place for an Angel like her. 🤍

Ogbom nwa orie ebvu!!!!! Jee nke Oma! Ka odi ngbe anyi ga fu ozo!! ❤️"

"May God be with us as we bid you farewell this week my priceless’s been tough without you Ogbom... so tough... never did I think it will hit me this hard. I used to think it’s easier when your loved ones get old before they pass.. but it’s really not.. 

Keep resting my Angel.. 🕊 🤍 

The Original Achalugo! Nwaorievu!"

Salary, Net Worth: Tana Adelana Net Worth is about $280,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Tana Adelana lives with her husband in Lagos and drives fine cars 

Tana Adelana Quote

"Live intentionally.. happy, you really only live once.. if dem say 2+2 na 15, my sister my brother, gree make you waka go...your peace is important." - Tana Adelana.

Tana Adelana Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Tana Adelana phone Number for business is 08162540021.

Website: Tana Adelana-Egbo website is

Tana Adelana Instagram Account Handle: Tana Adelana Instagram page Handle tanaadelana. Tana Adelana currently has 638k followers on her Instagram page Account Profile as at May 2021.

Sexy Picture of Tana Adelana: Photo of Tana Adelana looking hot

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