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History Of Stephanie Zibili: Everything To Know About Stephanie Zibili Bio, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Boyfriend, Feminist, Tribe, State Of Origin, Married, Marriage, Wedding, Dating, Relationship

Who is Stephanie Zibili?

Stephanie Zibili (born 30 March 1999) is a beautiful Nigerian born Nollywood actress, model, Instagram Influencer and entrepreneur.

Career And Life History Of Stephanie Zibili

Stephanie Zibili joined Nollywood and started acting as a teenager at 18 years of Age.

Pictures of Stephanie Zibili

She has Interest also in human rights advocacy for women, orphans, and motherless children.

Stephanie Zibili As Onome on Tinsel: Stephanie Zibili plays the role of Onome on Tinsel. Talking about her role on Tinsel, Stephanie Zibili wrote:


One project I’m grateful for.

I’ve been playing Onome for a year now and I’m super grateful. When I watch these videos (video slides shows some of her transition stages), one major thing I see is Growth. Onome’s Growth, I’m proud of her Growth, her changes and the wonderful decisions she has made.

I get a lot of dms about Onome and I’m super grateful that she is loved and followed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your feedbacks, please don’t stop watching๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ If you haven’t been watching, please do and catch your girl ๐Ÿ˜‰.. Shoutout to all amazing actors I’ve been working with, thank you so much for making work beautiful."

Movies: Stephanie Zibili movies include, Tinsel, Silence, The Mystic River, The Wig, AmRiona, Edge Of Time, Kylie's Quest, Alicia, My Sweetheart, Superstory Monica, Ekpo-Ekpe, Ajoche, Am Forbidden, The Touch, among others.

Photos of Stephanie Zibili

Real Name: Stephanie Zibili

Nationality: Stephanie Zibili is a Nigerian

Stephanie Zibili State Of Origin: Stephanie Zibili is from Edo State Nigeria.

Hometown, Tribe, Village: Stephanie Zibili is a native of Ewu in Edo State, Nigeria.

Stephanie Zibili Birthday, Age, Date Of Birth: When was Stephanie Zibili born? Stephanie Zibili was born on March 30, 1999.

Real Age: How old is Stephanie Zibili? Stephanie Zibili is currently 22 years old as at 2021.

Stephanie Zibili celebrated her 22nd birthday on 30th of March 2021.

Religion: Is Stephanie Zibili a Christian or a Muslim? Stephanie Zibili is a Christian.

Height: How tall is Stephanie Zibili? Stephanie Zibili is 5"7 feet and inches tall.

Pictures of Stephanie Zibili standing tall

Educational Background, School, University: Stephanie Zibili attended a boarding secondary school after the death of her grandmother, due to the nature of her mother's job.

Stephanie Zibili is currently studying at the University of Lagos.

Family, Parents: Stephanie Zibili is the first child of two children by her mother. Her dad is late.

Father: Who is Stephanie Zibili father? Stephanie Zibili father is dead. He died when Stephanie Zibili was quite very young.

Mother: Who is Stephanie Zibili mother? Stephanie Zibili is still alive. She is a single mother due to the death of her husband. Stephanie Zibili was her mother's only child for 14 years before her mum later gave birth to another child.

Siblings, Brother: Stephanie Zibili has one Sibling, an Only brother. Stephanie Zibili seniors her brother with about 14 years.

Husband: Who is Stephanie Zibili husband? Stephanie Zibili is not yet married and doesn't have a husband yet.

Boyfriend, Dating, Relationship: Who is Stephanie Zibili boyfriend? Stephanie Zibili is single, not in any relationship at the moment, according to the sexy actress.

Child, Baby, Children: Does Stephanie Zibili have a child? Stephanie Zibili doesn't have a child yet.

Stephanie Zibili Net Worth: Stephanie Zibili Net Worth is about $100,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Stephanie Zibili lives in Lagos and drives her own car.

Stephanie Zibili Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Stephanie Zibili can be contacted via her Instagram page.

Instagram: Stephanie Zibili Instagram handle stephaniezibili. Stephanie Zibili currently has 10.1k followers on her Instagram page Account Profile.

Stephanie Zibili Writes About Accident, Her Scars, Stretch Marks, Body Positivity


Due to certain mentalities and the society I grew up in, I grew up being very insecure, shy and excessively self conscious of my body. I didn’t see my body as sexy, I always saw faults. I was extremely self conscious of my body that I always wore tights beneath my swimsuits. 

On the line, I had an accident that resulted to me having these huge scars on my thighs and that there, that made everything worse. It made me super super insecure and shy of my body. •

Now older, I know better. I know better than to listen to, believe what the society thinks and says. I know I’m beautiful and I’ve got a beautiful body. I’m learning to love it, flaunt it, be proud of my beautiful imperfect body, my scars, my stretch marks, my thick thighs, all of it. 

It still isn’t easy for me, sometimes but I’m taking it one day at a time, I’m owning up to my whole beautiful being. •

Doing these shoots was a huge step for me and I am proud. I am proud of me and the outcome. I’m not there yet, but with time, I’d get there!! I’m coming out to say this, to tell those who feel how I felt that you are beautiful. You are beautiful regardless of your skin colour, size, shape, height, gender etc. You are extremely beautiful. Please do not let society or anyone tell you otherwise, do not  let anyone/anything make you feel less about you. Do not let anyone dictate how you should live your life, dress or anything. •

Do you boo, do you to the best of you. 

Do what you know is best for you and it’s okay to take your time. You’ve got time. It’s okay to your time to do you (all of you), to love you, to be comfortable in you, adore you, appreciate you, discover you, own you, be confident in you and more and more and a lot more. 

Take your time my darling. •

The world, The society will be alright! 


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