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History Of Moc Madu: Everything To Know About Moc Madu Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Nollywood Actor

Who is Moc Madu?
Moc Madu aka Onwa Idemili (born 2 September 1980s) is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, model, scriptwriter and voice over artiste.

All About Moc Madu Career, Occupation Life History, Story

Moc Madu is the CEO of MOCWHITE IMAGE. 
Moc Madu started his Nollywood acting career in 2003. He became fully involved in the Nigerian movie industry in 2007 after he participated in a BBC Drama titled 'Wetin Dey'.

Moc Madu was a brand Ambassador for Unilever. He did adverts for companies like Wema Bank, Solar Energy (TVC), Frenermez.

Moc Madu's short story was among the 10 chosen as best story in Abuja by the National Film and Video Censor Board (NFVCB) In 2009.
Pictures of Moc Madu 

Moc Madu is tall, handsome, muscular built, with sexy body and good looks. He likes to write, play Basket Ball and swim.

Movies: Moc Madu movies include, Nwanyi, Double Crossed, Mirror Series, Nightmare Employee, The Reckoner, The Kings Secret, The Other Woman, Lockdown, Self-Sentence, Mine, Boss Lady, Survivor's Guit, Wetin Dey (BBC Drama), Life Ahead (NTA Drama), Spider, Complicated, Centrifugal Force, Honest Deceit, Beautiful Soul, Super Story, Papa Ajasco, Serpent of the Sea, Silent Betrayal, This Life, Kukere Babes, Married, My Unborn Son, New Dawn, Love and lust, Shared Blood, Face of Leadership, Love is not Enough, College Girls Reloaded, Haram, Torment my Soul, among others.

Name: Moc Madu
Nickname: Onwa Idemili
Real Name: Oge Moc Madu

Nationality: Nigerian

Photos of Moc Madu 

Moc Madu Images

State Of Origin, Home Town Tribe: Where is Moc Madu from! Moc Madu hails from Ezele Oba, Idemili South, Anambra State, Nigeria.
Moc Madu is Igbo by tribe, a native of Ezele Oba, his Village and hometown in Idemili South, Anambra State.

Languages: Hausa, Igbo, Dutch, English

Date Of Birth, Birthday Age: Moc Madu was born on 2 September 1980s.

Moc Madu Height: How tall is Moc Madu? Moc Madu is 6"3 feet tall.
Checkout the height difference between Moc Madu and Ahmed Musa, other guys

Pictures of Moc Madu standing tall

Gym Body Fitness Workout Pictures: Moc Madu likes to workout at the gym to keep fit and maintain his Muscular body. No wonder Moc Madu shares his shirtless photos on his Instagram to flaunt his gym body. He refers to himself as 'sexy'.

Educational Background: Moc Madu went to Government College, Nasarawa Eggon;

Nsu RR-campus
Film Production and Technology
(Class of 2010)
Pefti Film institute
(Class of 2011)

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Moc Madu was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Madu of Ezele Oba, Idemili, Anambra State.

Mother: Moc Madu mother is late. Remembering his late mother who died in April 2019, Moc Madu wrote:
Photo of Moc Madu mother

"2 years today. 
 I miss you my best friend.  It's never been same again since you've been gone you know right?. The hole you left is still very much wide. You are the true definition of love . I miss you Mum.  May your soul continue to rest in peace ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”"

Marriage, Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Moc Madu married? Moc Madu is not yet married and doesn't show off his fianceรฉ on social media.

Wife: Who is Moc Madu wife, name, pictures? Moc Madu has not revealed who his wife to be is as he is not yet married.
Moc Madu and Ijeoma Grace Agu

Girlfriend: Who is Moc Madu girlfriend? Moc Madu keeps his girlfriend, relationship, dating away from Instagram and Facebook.

Children, Child, Son, Daughter: Moc Madu doesn't have a child yet.

Net Worth: Moc Madu net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars.
House and Cars: Moc Madu lives in Lagos and drives his own cars.
Pictures of Moc Madu car

Moc Madu Remembering Late Amaka Igwe & Her Impact On His Career

'If you can spot me in this picture then let gist about this great team. This team was family.  Mummy believed in us and we delivered. 


Many don't know I was a crew for years before I ventured into acting. 

So in  2013 I was opportuned to work on the set of  NOW WE ARE MARRIED (NWAM) 
Produced and Directed by Mummy AMAKA IGWE. 

She said to me then, AMOCK like  she love to call me  don't leave this lighting work o you are good in that department.  Inside my mind I was like "Mummy This acting I must act 

I was also  a CREW on the  set of 

  thank you Mummy AMAKA IGWE 

WELL  before I got to work with her. I did delighting for few musical videos  and  Was also part of the Light department for most of the HOMVIDA award movies shoots as at 2009 -10 . I enjoyed every moment working behind the scenes. 

In 2015 I co made a  2 man cast short film with @hannah_ojo in which  I doubled as an Actor, light man and DOP  and Viola we got An AFRIFF NOMINATION for our movie PREGNANCY 
 JOKE  directed by Grace Awe 

LOOKING FORWARD TO DOING MY PERSONAL FILM and I feel like handling the  Lighting because of the mood in my head.'

Instagram: Moc Madu Instagram Page Account Profile Handle mocmadu. Moc Madu currently has 8,680 followers on his Instagram page Account.

Moc Madu Throwback Photos: Checkout old Throwback pictures of Moc Madu
Throwback photo of Moc Madu and the late Muna Obiekwe

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