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Profile History: Who Is Kemi Ayorinde?

Kemi Ayorinde (born 11 July 2020) is a Nigerian born baby mama of Lyta whose real name is Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim, who had a child, a son called Aari Lawal for Lyta.

Kemi Ayorinde and her son, Aari Lawal are based in Manchester United Kingdom.

Real Name: Kemi Ayorinde

What is the name of Lyta baby mama? Kemi Ayorinde

Picture of Kemi Ayorinde

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Kemi Ayorinde, Lyta baby mama is Yoruba from South West State in Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Kemi Ayorinde? Kemi Ayorinde was born on July 11, 1999. Kemi Ayorinde is currently 21 years old.

Age: How old is Lyta Baby Mama, Kemi Ayorinde? Kemi Ayorinde celebrated her 21st birthday on 11th July 2020.

Kemi Ayorinde, Lyta baby mama will celebrate her 22nd birthday in July 2021.

Height: How tall is Kemi Ayorinde? Kemi Ayorinde is about 5"7 feet tall.

Family, Parents, Father Mother, Siblings: Kemi Ayorinde parents are Yoruba. She comes from a rich Family but has not shared photos of her family, Parents, brothers and sisters.

Son, Aari Lawal, Age: Kemi Ayorinde and Lyta son's name is Aari Lawal which they welcomed in July 2020. Lyta and Kemi Ayorinde son will celebrate his 1st birthday in July 2021.

Boyfriend: Who is Kemi Ayorinde boyfriend, dating? Kemi Ayorinde boyfriend is Lyta.

Baby Daddy: Kemi Ayorinde baby daddy, father of her son, Aari Lawal, is Lyta.

Married, Husband: Is Kemi Ayorinde married? No, Kemi Ayorinde is not married to Lyta.

Net Worth: Kemi Ayorinde net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars.


"During my pregnancy I went through a lil financial breakdown with buying baby items and trying to get myself and family together during Covid which had a massive impact on my credit score 9months later after giving birth, I tripled my credit score 

One thing about me, imma work hard for my money!!!!" Kemi Ayorinde revealed.

House, Cars: Pictures of Kemi Ayorinde and her son in UK home 

Lyta And Baby Mama, Kemi Ayorinde Fight: Everything To Know

Lyta Is Broke - Kemi Ayorinde Blasts Her Baby Daddy

"Dear future husband,

• • •

Aari's dad can't afford 13k (Naira) for balloons for his child's upcoming 1st birthday so imma need you to be able to afford my baby's monthly cost, If not you're not for me. "

"Let's be clear on one thing, I'm not the broke one here 

This is someone I've known since he had 46k followers on IG, now on 1.7million but can't flaunt about having half of that money in his account. 

Fed you, clothed you right to your fucking boxers, everything you asked for, you name it. I don't need y'all to understand but this man and his whole management are evil, very very evil and that's why I pray every morning and night that every pain and burden I experience in relation to motherhood may they all suffer for it a 100 times harder 

Pressured me to have a child for him then added pain and sorrow to it, this pain, we will feel it together, end of story. 

There is more to say, but let my child be one first, you know the rest."

"People don't like nice people People don't like quiet people People don't like tolerant people People don't like people who have a heart This is NOT who I am This is who you turned me into And God will punish each and every one of you for actually bringing out the beast in me"


"I've learnt my lessons And I feel way better than before now 

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 

Goodnight, I have work tmr."


"All I want is an apology literally especially for one particular thing I've not mentioned 

And if I'm not getting that, anybody's image that wants to tarnish should tarnish abeg, make everybody gettat ft!) 

They got me prepared for this, I'm prepared for this, I love it here"

"All the names I'm being called, doesn't move me one bit cause Lyta himself has called me them, every name under the sun, you name it, very verbally abusive human being, like I said nothing moves me, they prepared me for this, it's like being trained for a battle and you're fully equipped"

"funny thing is, he can never stand in front me and say I ever did one single thing to hurt him, not one."

Lyta baby mama photo, picture 

STD: How Lyta Gave Kemi Ayorinde  & Their Son STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

What disease did Lyta give to his baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde and son Aari Lawal - Is it HIV or what?

"When I found out I was pregnant, he told me to keep it, HE WANTED IT as time went by with tests and everything which was carried out during my pregnancy, I found out this boy gave me STD, which my baby was born with in fact which we all have, me, him and my child and whoever he got it from"

"this boy came to the UK when I was 5months pregnant, and refused to see me, later found out he was with another girlfriend but that's not even the issue here." 

Kemi Ayorinde Demands An Apology From Lyta

"The issue here is, I want an apology, for the mistreatment, the depression, the heartache, the death treats and the sorrow I bare everyday having to think about opening my mouth to tell my child one day about what his father gave him. An apology can't solve anything but that's the bare minimum, the fucking bare minimum and you've refused to give it to me Lyta, why?"

Instagram: Kemi Ayorinde Instagram Handle is kemiayorinde 

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