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History Of Eno-Obong Silky Effiong : Everything To Know About Eno Obong Effiong Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Hairstyle, Movies & Lifestyle

Who is Eno Obong Effiong?

Eno-Obong Effiong aka Silkygifty (born 28 February) is a Nigerian Nollywood actress, Instagram comedian, filmmaker, brand Influencer and Entrepreneur whose bald head stands her out.

Eno-Obong Silky Effiong describes herself on her Facebook account as:

"God's Child, Okro soup addict, Sister, Auntie, Producer, Script Writer, Actress and Shoe lover."

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All About Eno-Obong Effiong Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Silkygifty whose real name is Eno Obong Effiong is a fast rising Nigerian actress, a movie producer, the owner of Silkygifty Productions and a comedienne with the name 'Silkygifty'.

Eno-Obong Effiong is also a businesswoman, apart from movie making.

Okrika Empire: Eno-Obong Effiong is the owner/CEO of Okrika Empire, a Clothing (Brand) that deals on Shoes, Bags, Jeans Dresses.

Eno-Obong Effiong registered Okrika Empire with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The movie titled AFRAWO brought Eno Obong Effiong into the limelight. She acted alongside Chigozie Atuanya who was her husband in the movie.

Eno-Obong Effiong got married to Chigozie Atuanya without knowing that he was a dead man.

Picture of Eno-Obong Effiong and her husband, Chigozie Atuanya in 'Afrawo' movie

AFRAWO Nigerian Movie Cast: The movie 'Afrawo' starred Eno Obong Effiong and other casts namely, Atuanya Chigozie, Zulu Adigwe, Ngozi Ezeonu, Mary Uche, Urenna Juliet, Merenma Umeh among others.

Eno Obong Effiong scenes from 'Afrawo' movie

AFRAWO was Executively Produced by Oma Nnadi and Directed by Okey Zubelu.

Eno Obong Effiong Movies: Eno-Obong Effiong movies include, AFRAWO, Our Husband, Treasure, Nkoyo, Omambala, among others.

Natural, Braless, No Makeup: Eno-Obong Effiong likes to go all natural, from her hair, to going braless, without makeup sometimes.

Picture of baldheaded Eno-Obong Effiong without makeup

Hairstyle, Hair, Head, Haircut: Eno-Obong Effiong likes to rock bald, blond hairstyle, likes to cut her hair which has now become her signature hairstyle.

Photos of Eno-Obong Effiong Silkygifty Hair - Head 

Eno-Obong Effiong Bio Data

Nickname: Silkygifty (Silkygifty Comedy)

Real Name: Eno-Obong Effiong

Full Name: Eno-Obong Silky Effiong

Eno-Obong Effiong Nationality: Nigerian - Eno-Obong Effiong is from Nigeria.

State Of Origin: Eno Obong Effiong is from where, which state? Eno-Obong Effiong hails from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

Tribe, Home Town: Eno-Obong Effiong is Ibibio by tribe and a native of Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Languages: English language and Ibibio language

Religion: Christian

Eno-Obong Effiong Date of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Eno Obong Effiong? Eno-Obong Effiong was born on 28 February...

Eno-Obong Effiong Birthday Celebration Pictures: Eno Obong Effiong sharing her birthday photos on her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday wrote;

Eno-Obong Effiong birthday pictures

Birthday photos of Eno Obong Effiong

"Have you seen a brown skin fine girl with a bald head today? Oya lick your screen.....

#28February #QueenSilky #Baldie #PiscesQueen"

Height: How tall is Eno-Obong Effiong? Eno Obong Effiong is about 5"4 feet tall.

Images of Eno-Obong Effiong standing tall

Educational Background: Eno-Obong Effiong studied Strategic management at ICM - Institute of Commercial Management,

Creative-Land School Of Film And Media Art

Diploma Broadcast Journalism

(2012 - 2015)

Eno-Obong Effiong Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Eno Obong Effiong was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Effiong of Ikono, Akwa Ibom State.

Father: Who is Eno-Obong Effiong father? Eno Obong Effiong doesn't talk about her dad and has never shared a picture of her father. She said her mum is her father.

Mother: Who is Eno-Obong Effiong mother? Eno-Obong Effiong likes to appreciate and celebrate her mother on her Instagram page.

Picture of Eno Obong Effiong mother

Celebrating her mom on her birthday, Eno-Obong Effiong wrote:

"My Mother


May Your Days On Earth Be Long Mama, In Good Health And Happiness, With Plenty Money For Your Enjoyment.....

My Mother Is Also My Father And She's Amazing ❤️❤️❤️..

Please Say A Prayer For My Mum 💖"

Siblings, Sisters: Eno-Obong Effiong has other siblings namely - Promise Effiong her elder sister and Blessed Effiong, her immediate younger sister.

Picture of Eno-Obong Effiong younger sister

Photo of Eno-Obong Effiong elder sister

Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Eno-Obong Effiong married? No, Eno Obong Effiong is not yet married. She is single. She only got married in movies, not in real life.

Picture of Eno-Obong Effiong and Ejike Asiegbu

Husband: Who is Eno-Obong Effiong husband, name, pictures? Eno-Obong Effiong doesn't have a husband yet.

Boyfriend, Dating, Relationship: Who is Eno-Obong Effiong boyfriend? Eno-Obong Effiong has not revealed or shared pictures off her boyfriend.

Children, Child, Baby: Does Eno-Obong Effiong have a child, son or daughter? No, Eno Obong Effiong doesn't have a child yet.

Salary, Net Worth: Eno-Obong Effiong Net Worth is about $200,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Eno-Obong Effiong lives in Lagos and drives her own car.

Eno-Obong Effiong Addresses Stereotype About Akwa Ibom State, Her State

'My name is Enobong Effiong. I am from Ikono Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State.

‘So you are Calabar, I hear women from your place are good in bed and in the kitchen’

That’s the response I get from people, especially guys.

First of all brother, It is Akwa Ibom - Uyo not Akwa Ibom- Calabar.

Secondly, I am a beautiful Akwaibom woman. 

I am industrious. I am hardworking. 

I refuse to be that stereotype. I am not that stereotype.

If you want to know if the women from my place are good in the kitchen and in the bedroom.....

Go and ask those who told you, don’t ask me.

I am more 

We are more

#IAmMore #WeAreMore #WeDeserveTheBest #ONE2019'

Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Eno-Obong Effiong can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile.

Instagram: Eno-Obong Effiong Instagram handle silkygifty. Eno Obong Silky Effiong currently has 52k followers on her Instagram page as at the time of writing this article in May 2021.

Eno-Obong Effiong Bikini Pictures: Eno Obong Effiong Silkygifty likes to wear bikini and she sure looks good in them.

Eno-Obong Effiong Throwback Photos: Checkout some throwback pictures of Eno-Obong Effiong Silkygifty.

Eno-Obong Effiong Before And After Pictures (old Vs Recent Photos)

Throwback photo of Eno-Obong Effiong and Frederick Leonard
Eno-Obong Effiong and and Okon Lagos

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