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History Of Diana Eneje: Everything To Know About Diana Eneje Profile Biography, Parents, Boyfriend, Linda Eneje and Kingsley Eneje, Father & Mother, Siblings Sisters - Jennifer Eneje And Doris Eneje, Diana Eneje And Rema Relationship, Career, Phone Number Contact, WhatsApp, Diana Eneje Surgery

Wikipedia Full Biography: Who is Diana Eneje?

Diana Eneje (born 19 August 2002) is a young, beautiful and curvy Nigerian Fashion Model, Instagram Influencer and brand ambassador who is known for her classy lifestyle which she posts on her Instagram page with the handle diana_eneje.

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About Diana Eneje Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

THE SHINE CARTEL: Diana Eneje is also an entrepreneur and the owner of The Shine Cartel which is an online shop for hairgel collection.

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Awards: Diana Eneje has won awards such as Nigeria’s Teens Choice Most Influencial & Fashionable Female.

Diana Eneje Movies: Diana Eneje is also an aspiring Nollywood actress who is set to join the Nigerian movie industry.

In a recent Instagram post, Diana Eneje declared her readiness to start acting in Nollywood movies.

She wrote: "I think I’m due for a movie role".

Diana Eneje's numerous fans can't wait to see her join Nollywood and feature in Nigerian movies and TV series.

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About Diana Eneje Bio Data

Name: Diana Eneje

Full Name, Real Name: Diana Chioma Eneje

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Delta

Place Of Birth: Lagos State

Tribe: Igbo

Height: 5"6 tall

Shape, Figure: Curvy


Boyfriend: Rema

Husband: None

Dating: Yes

Relationship: Yes

Birthday: 19 - 08 - 2002

Parents: Linda Eneje and Kingsley Eneje

Mother: Linda Eneje

Father: Kingsley Eneje

Siblings: Doris & Jennifer Eneje

Sisters Names:  Jennifer Eneje & Doris Eneje

Brother: -

School, University: Yes

Friends: Priscilla Ajoke Ojo

Religion: Christian

Diana Eneje History, Biography, Wiki, Bio & Profile (What You Should Know)

Diana Eneje State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe, Village: Diana Eneje was born in Lagos State but she hails from Delta State, Nigeria.

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Tribe: Is Diana Eneje a Igbo? Yes, Diana Eneje is Delta Igbo.

Diana Eneje Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Diana Eneje was born on 19th August 2002. 

Diana Eneje Age: How old is Diana Eneje? Diana Eneje is currently 18 years old as at May 2021.

Diana Eneje Age 2021, 19th Birthday: Diana Eneje will celebrate her 19th birthday on 19th August 2021. She is likely to throw a big 19th birthday party just as she did on her 18th birthday.

Diana Eneje Height: What is Diana Eneje height? How tall is Diana Eneje? Diana Eneje is about 5"6 feet and inches tall.

Diana Eneje Standing tall at 5"6 feet tall

Diana Eneje Hairstyles: Diana Eneje rocks different stylish hairstyles and likes to share videos and pictures of her hair styles with her followers on her Instagram page.

Diana Eneje hairstyles photos

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Diana Eneje Friends - Diana Eneje And Priscilla Ajoke Ojo: Diana Eneje is friends with Priscilla Ajoke Ojo, daughter of Yoruba Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo.

Pictures of Diana Eneje andPriscilla Ajoke Ojo

Diana Eneje shared dance video of her dancing with her friend, Priscilla Ajoke Ojo and captioned their dance video:

'Just how we used to dance in parties years ago πŸ˜‚ @its.priscy".

Diana Eneje Surgery: Did Diana Eneje do surgery? No, Diana Eneje did not do any plastic or cosmetic surgery to enhance her curves and body shape. Diana Eneje is naturally curvy.

Working Out, Gym, Fitness: Diana Eneje wearing a Waist trainer, shared her workout pictures on Instagram and captioned it;

"Working out is one of the fears I’m trying to overcome, What do you do on Saturdays?"

Educational Background, School: Diana Eneje attended her primary and secondary schools in Lagos. Diana Eneje graduated from Secondary school 'Early Height College' in July 2018.

Diana Eneje graduation picture

Diana Eneje graduated from Secondary School at the age of 16 years old.

Diana Eneje University: What University does Diana Eneje attend? Is Diana Eneje in University? Yes, Diana Eneje is in the university but keeps the name of her school private.

Diana Eneje Family, Parents, Mother, Father, Siblings: Diana Eneje is from a rich family of 5 - including her parents and children. Diana Eneje is the third child of her parents.

Diana Eneje Family picture with her mother and Sister, Doris Eneje at her graduation in 2018 (Throwback photo)

Parents: Who are Diana Eneje parents? The name of Diana Eneje parents are Linda Eneje and Kingsley Eneje.

Linda Eneje and Kingsley Eneje: Who are Linda Eneje and Kingsley Eneje? Linda Eneje and Kingsley Eneje are the parents of Diana Eneje, Doris Eneje and Jennifer Eneje.

Rich Parents: Are Diana Eneje parents rich? Yes, Diana Eneje parents are rich. Diana Eneje was born into a rich family.

Diana Eneje's fan commented on her Instagram photo and said: Diana Eneje 'The rich man's daughter."

Adopted: Is Diana Eneje adopted? No! Diana Eneje was not adopted. Her biological parents are alive.

Mother, Linda Eneje: Who is Diana Eneje mother? The name of Diana Eneje mother is Linda Eneje. She was at her graduation from Secondary School in 2018.

Picture of Linda Eneje (Photo of Diana Eneje and her mother)

Father, Kingsley Eneje: Who is Diana Eneje father? The name of Diana Eneje's father is Kingsley Eneje.

Kingsley Eneje Net Worth: Diana Eneje dad, Kingsley Eneje net Worth is about $2.5 Million US Dollars.

Siblings: How many Siblings does Diana Eneje have? Diana Eneje has two older siblings - sisters.

Sisters: Diana Eneje 2 elder sisters names are Jennifer Eneje and Doris Eneje.

Jennifer Eneje: Who is Jennifer Eneje? Jennifer Eneje is the elder sister of Diana Eneje.

Meet Jennifer Eneje: Picture of Jennifer Eneje, Diana Eneje Sister

Doris Eneje: Who is Doris Eneje? Doris Eneje is the older sister of Diana Eneje. Doris Eneje is a skincare entrepreneur, fashion and beauty Instagram influencer and model

Picture of Diana Eneje and her elder, Doris Eneje

Doris Eneje Celebrates Her Younger Sister, Diana Eneje On Her 18th Birthday:

"Letter to the younger sister everyone wished they haddd!!! Happy birthday diane, it’s amazing how much you have growing to be so confident, extremely smart and hand working, watching you grow has been awesome! 

You’ve always been a shining star and I couldn’t have wished for a better baby sister, tho troublesome but super sweet, sorry my post took the whole day Ive been tryna add a birthday song to this video I downloaded 5 of them but all won’t work cause of copy right😫 I just want you to know that I love you soooo much and I’m extremely proud of all your achievements and your perspective to life, you push me to my limits and always keep me on my toes! You’re a bundle of almost perfection and the world isn’t ready for you! πŸŽ‚πŸ₯Ί❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ cheers to BIG 18!🍾πŸ₯‚ #worlddianaday."

Married, Husband: Who is Diana Eneje Husband? Is Diana Eneje married? No, Diana Eneje is not yet married and doesn't have a husband yet.

Boyfriend: Does Diana Eneje have a boyfriend? Who is Diana Eneje boyfriend? The name of Diana Eneje boyfriend is Rema, the singer (allegedly).

Diana Eneje and Rema Picture

Diana Eneje and Rema: Diana Eneje and Rema relationship, dating, boyfriend, girlfriend love affair. Is Diana Eneje Rema's girlfriend? Is Rema Diana Eneje's boyfriend? There are insinuations that Diana Eneje and Rema are dating but both Rema and Diana Eneje have not confirmed or denied if they are really in a relationship, dating or not.

Throwback photo of Diana Eneje and Rema

Diana Eneje In Rema Dumebi Video: Diana Eneje was featured as a video vixen in Rema's 'Dumebi' music video.

Salary, Net Worth: How much is Diana Eneje net worth? Diana Eneje net Worth in Naira, Dollars, 2020, 2021 net worth. Diana Eneje Net Worth is about $180,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Diana Eneje lives in a fine house, mansion and drives nice car.

Diana Eneje Accent: Some fans have said they love Diana Eneje's accent.

Diana Eneje Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Diana Eneje can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Diana Eneje Instagram: Diana Eneje Instagram name and Handle diana_eneje diana_eneje. Diana Eneje currently has 536k followers on Instagram as at May 2021. Her Instagram followers are growing daily.

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