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Who Is Angel Obasi?

Angel Obasi (born 12 March) is a Nigerian born fashion Influencer, Entrepreneur, Founder of Space Between Design & Creative Director at The Style Connaisseur.

Angel Obasi's Instagram profile Bio reads:

"Angel Obasi

Design & Fashion


The Hat Lady

Furniture Designer

Founder: @spacebetweendesign

Creative Director: @thestyleconnaisseur

Featured on BBC World, CNN Africa, Canal+"

Photos of Angel Obasi

Angel Obasi also known as the 'Style Connaisseur' is a Fashion and Style blogger with relevant experience:


Space Between Design

Sep 2020 - Present

Creative Director

The Style Connaisseur

November 2015 - Present

Digital Marketing Executive


May 2018 - Oct 2019

Head Of Creative Services


Sep 2017 - May 2018

Beauty Editor


Feb 2017 

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Angel Obasi Skills:

Brand Development, Interior Design, Project Management, Product Styling, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations

Full Name: Angel Obasi

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Angel Obasi is Igbo by tribe from South East state, Nigeria.

Angel Obasi Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Angel Obasi was born on 12th March.

Angel Obasi Celebrates Birthday: Celebrating her birthday on her Instagram page, Angel Obasi wrote;

Birthday photos of Angel Obasi

"My light, my sparkle, I have to protect it, I can’t let it leave me, else I dim and I lose my sunshine. I lose all the nuances that makes me human.

I have learnt to be compassionate, accommodating, understanding, openminded, graceful and above all grateful.

I have learnt to protect myself first and then I will have the ability to do the same for my own. To learn, unlearn and relearn and be brave because that’s the only choice I have chosen to have.

I have learnt that I have never lost, I have only had experiences that has shapened me to be more qualified and more experienced.

I have learnt to start afresh with everything, with love, friends, finances, career, goals, everything and when you start again, you know better, you feel better.

I have learnt to forgive because mistakes are inevitable, so forgive yourself and forgive others too. Forgive the thought process then start afresh, learn, embrace the experience, protect your energy, maintain compassion and extend a hand to those who are still finding their footing. Use your light to guide your steps and leave footprints behind to guide others too.

The older I get, the more interesting I have become. I love it, I bank on it.

To being older and wiser."

Angel Obasi Hairstyle, Hair: Angel Obasi rocks different styles of hair but for 3 years now has worn a signature hairstyle, short low cut hair but permed. Talking about her signature hair, Angel Obasi wrote:

Pictures of Angel Obasi hairstyle

"For 3 years I have been styling my hair the same way and it fast became my signature hairstyle! I am glad I get to share these step by step process with you guys on how I achieve this look every day... Yes, I do it every day.

I love how easy the process is but with a hint of meticulousity as the beauty is in all the fine details. I achieve this look in less than 15 minutes, although I have been doing it for years, if it does take longer for you, don't fret you will get faster with time.

Here are some things to note:

• I have permed hair, so if you want to achieve this look, it is best to perm your hair so it stays sleek.

• I always wet my hair from the shower, so I style my hair before I apply my makeup. This is best to prevent the gel and hair products from ruining your face beat.

• I apply the gel in stages from the bottom to the top; Line by line. This process will ensure that your hair stays sleek from back to front.

• I use the iron tail comb always to achieve the front curls. This comb is thin and the easiest comb to manipulate your hair with.

• I always air dry or hair dry my hair. I never use a scarf because of the lines that appears after I untie.

• Lastly, this style can last for two days straight especially when you have permed hair and you can easily wash off with water. So if you want it to last a while, avoid your hair when showering.

Please note that if you don't have all the products to achieve this look, it is fine... The most essential products to own is your Leave-In conditioner and the Eco styling gel."

Angel Obasi Height: How tall is Angel Obasi? Angel Obasi is about 5"6 feet tall.

Photos of Angel Obasi standing tall

Fashion Style pictures of Angel Obasi

Educational Background: Angel Obasi has a degree in Mass Communication from North American University. 

Family, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother: Angel Obasi was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Obasi.

Photo of Angel Obasi and her younger brother

Married, Wedding, Husband: Angel Obasi is not yet married and doesn't show off her fiancé on social media.

Boyfriend: Angel Obasi has a boyfriend but keeps her relationship away from social media.

Child, Children, Son, Daughter: Does Angel Obasi have a child? Angel Obasi doesn't have a child or baby yet.

Net Worth: Angel Obasi net worth is about $300,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Angel Obasi lives in a nice mansion and drives nice cars.

Angel Obasi Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Angel Obasi can be contacted via her Instagram page.

Instagram: Angel Obasi Instagram page Account Profile Handle.styleconnaisseur. Angel Obasi currently has 175k followers on her Instagram page Account.

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